4 Dec ~ Mom's League Christmas Party

Today I had the honor of chairing the Christmas Party for the GCS Mom's League... a lot of time and thought went into it. Because the budget was extremely limited we had to get creative and make a lot the goodies ourselves. I had a great time with several of the ladies (now sweet friends) getting ready for today. I was so happy that everything went seamlessly....and it seemed everyone had a great time!

Here are a bunch of photos from the day...

(I loved these little guys...)
This was the table where the kiddos wrote their letters to Santa and put them in the mailbox headed to the North Pole. The children received personalized letters back from Santa with a "nice certificate" that arrived on their doorstep Christmas Eve.

Here the kiddos decorated their cookie for Santa.

And of course, the Big Blue Choo Choo, which is by far the favorite part (ok, maybe next to Santa)...
This was Pushcart Alley.
And the line for Santa...
The coloring tables

Our time with the Big Man...

Sailer and her cookie...
Sailer making her ornament for her tree:
with daddy's help...
The fun pics...

My very least favorite part of the day....
Santa reading the Night Before Christmas to the kids.
And singing carols with Santa... they loved to get to sing into the mike!
[I just adore this photo of my friend, Sherilyn's, little girl in awe of Santa.]
A little parting gift.

3 Dec ~ Sweet girl

I love that Sailer now wants to "pose" for her morning picture. And so the Christmas flair continues...

2 Dec ~ Home sick again

We are basically at home in preparation for a Christmas party coming up on Friday, so we pretty much just stayed in and worked.... not to mention, my little baby girl is sick AGAIN!

But I had to grab a photo of my little "Bad Santa" baby...
And this poor little girl who doesn't feel so hot today.... why does the sick bug love my house so much???

1 Dec ~ It's Here!!

CHRISTMAS! Ok... December, but I consider the whole of December as Christmas.

I've always loved Christmas. I love to decorate for it. I love the parties. I love the food. I adore receiving Christmas cards. I love the family time. And I love that we are reminded about why we're here. But now that I have children, my love for the Christmas season has been magnified to a whole other level. They make everything more fun and worth all the effort. I love to see the sheer glee on their face with each new holiday surprise. I love making new traditions with them.

These two little faces are the best gifts I've ever received.

Bye Bye Fall....Hello Holidays!

Before heading into the holiday craziness, what a better way to say bye to November than with these pics of the kiddos amongst the pumpkins. The uuber talented Brandy with B4 Photography took these at the end of October, and as usual, I'm in love.

30 Nov ~ Go Dragons!

Living in Southlake, I had to get little Linc this cute little dragon hoodie set.

Where'd the dragon go??