My BIG boy!!

Today Mark and I went in for our 4D Sonogram of Baby Boy (no, he still doesn't have a name and it's KILLING ME). Anyway, at first the sono tech said "oh, you're so small, are you sure you're really that far a long?" Ummm, yeah lady... I'm pretty sure. Anyway, as she starts to get revved up looking at Baby James, she says, "oh well, I take that back... he's a BIG boy." What?!?! That's just what every prego woman soon to deliver wants to hear. His images resembled Sailer's a lot, but his sweet face and tummy are super filled out whereas hers were not. So if once wasn't enough, the sono tech continued to talk about how big he was already and likely going to be at delivery. At this point, I just turned to Mark and said, "I hate you." Aren't I precious? Well, the story is that I've been petrified since we found out it was a boy about him being really big at delivery... since his daddy was close to a 10 pounder when he was born. And what's funny is that I'm not really scared of the weight per se (don't get me wrong, I'm not dying to birth a small toddler), but I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to be induced. And that's what the doctor insinuated would happen if he got too big at the end. I've had so many friends who have had wonderful experiences with inducements, and it's not like I'll be devastated or anything should this be required, but it's just not my first choice or preference. One b/c I LOVED actually going into labor when Sailer was ready... it was so exciting/frustrating/etc. just waiting on her to make her appearance. At the time, the ticking time bomb that I was didn't seem all that fun, but looking back I loved it. Second, the whole increased risk of C-section is enough to scare me too! But with all that being said, I honestly don't care how he gets here, as long as he gets here safely and healthily!

So without further adieu... here are a few of the images. And, if you're like me, I believe the 4d sono pics are pics only a mama/daddy or grandparent can love because I'm not gonna lie, I look at others and think "now that just doesn't look normal..." But I think he's perfect and positively handsome. He kept his hand in front of his face the majority of the time, so it was hard getting any good shots. He did smile at us, open his eyes, yawn, and grab his foot and tried to eat his toes while we were watching, which was very cool.

29 Jan ~ PJ Day

Today was PJ day at Sailer's school, so I took a quick pic of her and her friend Juliana. What is missing from her outfit is the eyepatch that matches. It was absolutely hilarious! Will try to catch it later.

28 Jan ~ Iced In

Due to the weather, Miss. S and I didn't budge from the house... I had a little cabin fever, but Sailer didn't seem to mind. She even had a few friends come over a play a bit, so I'm sure that helped. I, on the other hand, painted. Are you shocked? Why oh why did I decide to paint our living area 3 days before we're having a party? Mama is missing a few brain cells these days... oh well, I guess it's good incentive to not let the project linger.

Other than that, we watched a lot of Mickie... and funny enough, she is now fascinated with the old ones. She just sits there and cracks up at them. Two cute pics... she is definitely her mama's child as I've never subscribed to the old adage "less is more." To me more is always better. (= Anyway, Sailer tends to agree especially when it comes to pacies.Oh, and btw, I am in love with the inventor of the aquadoodle. We had yet to get it out of the box until yesterday b/c all of her toys are so displaced right now b/c of the playroom painting. But we opened it yesterday and she LOVED it and I LOVED it (b/c it can't get on my carpet or freshly painted walls.)

27 Jan ~ Sailer's Own Personal "Big Top"

I know that I have bragged on the muralist who I've been working with lately quite a bit, and have hinted at how incredible he's been doing in the playroom. Well, he finished last night, and I could not be more thrilled or excited about it!! The pics are not that great (esp the "Big Top" wall...yucky pic) as there is no light in there right now due to this dismal weather but I just couldn't wait!! Besides, you can still see his overwhelming talent regardless.

So I asked him to recreate a vintage-type circus room for the kids' playroom. Given that I now have to please a little girl and a little boy, I thought this would be a fun and ageless theme for them to grow up with. I also stressed to him that I wanted it to be realistic not fantastical, again so it would be more timeless (and not cheesy... you know how I am about that!) Anyway, he FAR FAR FAR exceeded my expectations.As you enter their room, you first see the ticket counter...The next wall that draws your attention (or at least mine) is this one...The main scene is found on the connecting wall as you can see here...
The adjacent wall will warehouse the entertainment center, which will be flanked between the two poles here...
And I had this idea that I wanted the scale like they used in the strong man contest to be on a hidden wall so I could use it as a measuring wall for the kids as they grow. The reason I wanted it hidden is that I'm sure I'll grow attached to it as it marks their heights, so if it's behind the door, I can keep it forever. (= OK, and the kicker is the's absolutely phenomenal. How fun is it to have the complete circus tent with trapeze artists flying over your head?!?

I almost feel badly about moving toys in there because it will detract from how fantastic it is! Anyway, I would HIGHLY recommend him to any of you (and you know how picky I am)... he's fast, very fair, wonderful to worth with, and beyond talented. You can find more of his work and his contact info at And FYI- my project was a big one... but he does anything as you will see and works within your budget so please give him a call if you need something done.

26 Jan ~ What's with the cup?

It doesn't matter what it is, breakfast, a snack, dinner, whatever... Sailer insists on dumping it into a plastic cup to eat. I guess I started it by dumping pretzels, gold fish, grapes, etc. in them at snack time b/c they were easy and didn't require cleaning, but now they're all she wants. And she has so many cutsie plates. She's going to need to get over this infatuation and fast.

My little helper

Some of you have asked how I'm getting any painting done with Sailer. Well, the answer is two-fold. (1) She stayed with her sweet Nana the day I painted her room, so that she wouldn't have to sleep in the fumes that night. And (2) the rest of the time, she has "helped." This may seem brave, but I figure the inventors of goof-off envisioned scenarios just like that.... so no harm, no foul. She thought it was SO FUNNY to paint the wall, but thankfully got tired of the game after about 20 minutes or so and went back to playing normally. I did snap a few pics b/c she was so cute and VERY proud of her work.

25 Jan ~ Disney Breakfast

Miss. S had recently started inviting her friends to join her breakfast and even serves them a little bit of her plate. Just had to take a few shots b/c I think it's so funny. That's my hospitable girl...

p.s. excuse the pretty wall behind her table, I'm trying out paint colors. the one you see was not the winner. (=

23 Jan ~ Girls On the Run...

Today was such a great but packed day...I didn't start out the day with that intention, but it seemed like everything just fell into place perfectly.

First (and the one not fun part of the day), I had my glucose test for gestational diabetes done... can you say, gag me?? Anyway, at least it's over. The bad thing is that they checked my BP today too, and it's scary high. Great... so I'm supposed to take it easy until they check it again on Tues. So, you know me, the whole stay-in-bed thing just doesn't quite work for me. And seriously, with a 2 year old, how could you? Anyway, I knew I was stressed out about a few things on Friday, so I'm honestly not all that worried about it.

Then, Sailer and I met up with Hope and her mama at McD's for a little quick lunch and playtime before we headed to McKinney. This was truly the highlight of my day (and I'm so sad to say I have no pics), but Sailer and I went to see some of my old gal pals from college that I never get to see anymore! When we got there, I got a full dose of what Sailer's going to be in a few short years... silly fun girls, half-clothed, half-princessed-out, and having a ball! They were too cute! I can't wait for princess-dress-up-days with Sailer! Anyway, the mamas and my little tornado just sat and got to catch up a little bit (and I even got to meet a handsome new little man, Carson...seriously, I could've stolen him and not even looked back...sorry, Mel). I hadn't realized how much I'd missed both of them, so it was an awesome afternoon.

Next, Sailer and I high-tailed it home (I hate Dallas traffic) just in time for the Mackies to come over for burgers and game night. Again, no pics... what is my problem??

I did snap these this morning of Sailer playing with her stickers and dancin' on the table!

22 Jan ~ Beautiful Days in January

You gotta love beautiful days in January! When Sailer and I got home from school, we decided to have a little picnic outside to enjoy the day. I love having the little playground at the house b/c she could stay out there playing forever (away from "Mouse" on tv (= ). We swang, played, did bubbles, read, etc.... and of course, Minnie was along for the entire ride.

...and yes, that's her blowing "bubbles" out of her mouth. Thank God the bottle said it's not hazardous for consumption in small amounts. Geeze louise... mother of the year.

20 Jan ~ On this Day....

Well, anyone who knows me or reads this blog can probably easily surmise my thoughts on today's historic events....speechless.

After dropping Sailer off at MDO, I went to my little nail salon. I know the owners pretty well now, so I called yesterday and made an appt to get a mani/pedi AND be set right next to the TV where they just had to play the inauguration with sound so I could watch it while I was being pampered (usually they don't). I was in absolute heaven!!!

Because I've already outlined why I LOVE President Obama several times, I won't bore you with the repetition. I'll say something so much more profound.... didn't you just ADORE Michelle's outfit? And I want those green leather gloves. She's just picturesque and so classy.... it's going to be so fun to watch what she wears to events (I can appreciate the immaterial parts of life too). I especially can't wait to see what she wears tonight to the Neighborhood Ball! Speaking of, I think it is beyond cool that they invited so many everyday Joe's to attend the ball and set them up in the hotels for free.... because really that's what it's all about! About the everyday citizens who elect such officials. But never before have they had the opportunity to participate and experience the celebratory part....the beginning of a change they helped create. It's a true testament to the direction this administration is headed toward (and I can't wait!!)

With that said, I say farewell to President Bush. I wasn't always his greatest fan, but I will say, he faced difficult decisions I wouldn't wish upon my greatest enemy to have to make. He has selflessly served this nation for the past 8 years and deserves our deepest thanks. I sincerely wish him the best in the future and pray he gets some really long naps soon (he definitely deserves it).

18 Jan ~ Answered Prayers & Slave Labor

What a day! As I've said before, we are currently visiting local churches on the hunt for a new church home right now. I seriously sat down last night and prayed over our visit today b/c we are finally serious about it. It's such a big decision, and I really want to follow His lead. The hard part, of course, is fulfilling the needs of both Mark and me (poor little Sailer doesn't quite know or care yet (= ).... but I just know there is a perfect place for both of us out there. Anyway, we met a good couple friend of ours at their church this morning (one of the ones on my list to visit), and Mark & I both looked at each other as we left and said "I loved it." WOW- what an answered prayer. We will continue to visit the remainder of those on the list, but what an incredible and settling feeling to know that there is already one out there that we both loved. Why do I ever doubt Him??

Then, came the slave labor part of the day...I'm so dead tired, I can barely move! No, seriously....I can barely move. BUT the baby's room walls are done and ready for the painter lady. AND I finally got my master bathroom fauxed to coordinate with the bedroom (9 hours later). But what a relief! Now moving on to painting Sailer's room and our living room...the projects never cease at the James casa! But as most of you know, both Mark and I are huge do-it-yourselfers, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just LOVE that feeling once I've finished a big project... it's like this high that makes it all worth the effort.

17 Jan ~ It doesn't get much COOLER than this...

Sailer's bitty pink glasses and play Mickie phone just don't cut it anymore, so she always confiscates mine. She loves for me to tell her how "cool" she is...

Happy B-day Jack!!

Today Sailer went to her pal, Jack's, birthday party at Let's Jump! Sailer LOVES bounce houses so she, of course, went crazy! I got a few cute pics of her...and the final one of Sailer saying thank you to Jack for inviting her. He wasn't as into the hug as Sailer. (=

16 Jan ~ Playing Catch

Tonight we just had a family night in (JUST US) for seems like we always have people over or are going somewhere, so it was really nice just to BE. Snapped a few shots of Sailer playing catch with Camo. As you can see, she loves the throwing part, the Camo running to chase it part, but not so much, the part where Camo doesn't want to give it immediately back.So I've been dying to put this little outfit on Sailer since we got back from Colorado. There's this little store I found last year called Magical Scraps... you go in and pick out different fabrics and they'll custom make outfits for you! Love it!! Anyway, they're soft and comfortable and super stinkin' cute. Oh and the leg warmers- I'm actually not that big a fan of the baby legs thingies, but since it's been so cold, I just had to put them on her to protect those little sweet legs.

Through a Father's Eyes

Irrespective of how you cast your vote this past November, I think this is a letter that any parent can appreciate and value. It is no secret that I've always loved government and politics, but I completely understand what the President Elect means when he talks about his renewed passion in his commitment to this country once he became a parent. There is something about looking into the eyes of a curious and unjaded toddler that makes one just feel raw emotion. That innocence that has yet to be stolen by age and hardships. I've definitely faced some major hardships and life-changing tragedies in my life, but I still believe for the most part, I've lived a truly blessed life. It's through some of those very hard times that I discovered some of the greatest gifts God was waiting to give me. So even though I feel I have sometimes been given more than my share, I still want MORE for my precious children. I don't want them to have to face some of the same struggles I faced....I want my journey and sacrifices to somehow count for them. I want the world in which they grow up in to be better, safer, more peaceful, more understanding, and more stable. SO I feel ever lucky to have a man in charge of our nation that shares those views and that will have two sweet little girls that keep him accountable to that shared vision. There is no bigger source of accountability than seeing the needs of our own children unmet.

I included the letter he wrote to his girls shortly after the election just in case you haven't read it yet. I bawled while reading it... but then again, I'm prego. I cry all the time. (=

"Dear Malia and Sasha,

I know that you've both had a lot of fun these last two years on the campaign trail, going to picnics and parades and state fairs, eating all sorts of junk food your mother and I probably shouldn't have let you have. But I also know that it hasn't always been easy for you and Mom, and that as excited as you both are about that new puppy, it doesn't make up for all the time we've been apart. I know how much I've missed these past two years, and today I want to tell you a little more about why I decided to take our family on this journey.

When I was a young man, I thought life was all about me-about how I'd make my way in the world, become successful, and get the things I want. But then the two of you came into my world with all your curiosity and mischief and those smiles that never fail to fill my heart and light up my day. And suddenly, all my big plans for myself didn't seem so important anymore. I soon found that the greatest joy in my life was the joy I saw in yours. And I realized that my own life wouldn't count for much unless I was able to ensure that you had every opportunity for happiness and fulfillment in yours. In the end, girls, that's why I ran for President: because of what I want for you and for every child in this nation.

I want all our children to go to schools worthy of their potential-schools that challenge them, inspire them, and instill in them a sense of wonder about the world around them. I want them to have the chance to go to college-even if their parents aren't rich. And I want them to get good jobs: jobs that pay well and give them benefits like health care, jobs that let them spend time with their own kids and retire with dignity.

I want us to push the boundaries of discovery so that you'll live to see new technologies and inventions that improve our lives and make our planet cleaner and safer. And I want us to push our own human boundaries to reach beyond the divides of race and region, gender and religion that keep us from seeing the best in each other.

Sometimes we have to send our young men and women into war and other dangerous situations to protect our country-but when we do, I want to make sure that it is only for a very good reason, that we try our best to settle our differences with others peacefully, and that we do everything possible to keep our servicemen and women safe. And I want every child to understand that the blessings these brave Americans fight for are not free-that with the great privilege of being a citizen of this nation comes great responsibility. That was the lesson your grandmother tried to teach me when I was your age, reading me the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence and telling me about the men and women who marched for equality because they believed those words put to paper two centuries ago should mean something.

She helped me understand that America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better-and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us. It's a charge we pass on to our children, coming closer with each new generation to what we know America should be.

I hope both of you will take up that work, righting the wrongs that you see and working to give others the chances you've had. Not just because you have an obligation to give something back to this country that has given our family so much-although you do have that obligation. But because you have an obligation to yourself. Because it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential.

These are the things I want for you-to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach, and to grow into compassionate, committed women who will help build that world. And I want every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you girls have. That's why I've taken our family on this great adventure.

I am so proud of both of you. I love you more than you can ever know. And I am grateful every day for your patience, poise, grace, and humor as we prepare to start our new life together in the White House.

Love, Dad"

15 Jan ~ Big Words for Little People

Ok, so it's no surprise Sailer has become such a book lover, given that her mama will pretty much read anything she can get her hands on. And since my favorite thing to do (play-wise) with S is to crawl up in her big glider chair and read to her. Anyway, I'm always on the hunt for good children's books, and I am L-O-V-I-N-G this new one I recently bought. The whole actor/famous person now turned author thing usually drives me bonkers.... but seriously, Jamie Lee Curtis is a fantastic children's author. Her latest book, "Big Words for Little People" is just precious, funny, and makes sense of some big words for kiddos. I would highly recommend it! Unlike "Tea with Ruby" which I also bought and was penned by the Duchess of York. I know repetition is vital for a child's learning, but Sailer was NOT impressed with this one. She kept trying to turn the pages so it would end sooner. I can't say I disagreed with her.

14 Jan ~ Lovin' the outside

Sailer is a HUGE fan of being outside and gets really frustrated when I tell her it's just way too cold to go out there. ESPECIALLY when she knows there are slides and swings out there. Luckily, the last few days have been bearable, so we've braved it together. As you can tell, she loves the slide the most... the ladder getting to the platform is still just a tad bit too tall for her, so I have to lift her up over and over. Man, will I be glad when she can get up there herself. Unfortunately, she got really moving one time and kind of bit it, busting her little lip open.... you'd think that would slow her down. Nope.... she just kept on playing like nothing had even happened. Until I saw the blood and freaked out. She's clearly tougher than me. Anyway, here are just random shots I took of her playing. My favorite one is the one of her playing peak-a-boo around the pole. Why does that game never get old?