28 Jan ~ Iced In

Due to the weather, Miss. S and I didn't budge from the house... I had a little cabin fever, but Sailer didn't seem to mind. She even had a few friends come over a play a bit, so I'm sure that helped. I, on the other hand, painted. Are you shocked? Why oh why did I decide to paint our living area 3 days before we're having a party? Mama is missing a few brain cells these days... oh well, I guess it's good incentive to not let the project linger.

Other than that, we watched a lot of Mickie... and funny enough, she is now fascinated with the old ones. She just sits there and cracks up at them. Two cute pics... she is definitely her mama's child as I've never subscribed to the old adage "less is more." To me more is always better. (= Anyway, Sailer tends to agree especially when it comes to pacies.Oh, and btw, I am in love with the inventor of the aquadoodle. We had yet to get it out of the box until yesterday b/c all of her toys are so displaced right now b/c of the playroom painting. But we opened it yesterday and she LOVED it and I LOVED it (b/c it can't get on my carpet or freshly painted walls.)

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