9 Feb

8 Feb

We started out our day at dance and art.... then, headed to soccer! Even Ty Ty joined us today. It was a mixed emotion day about soccer- there was a lot of fussing which if I'd thought about was linked to the fact that his crazy mama didn't think about his poor feet! They're basically 2 open sores, and I'm encouraging him to kick a ball with them.
Then, we headed to pick up the girls for lunch.
This little man melts my heart all the time....

7 Feb

Starting out our day right.... Sailer demanded I show her her special lunch before school. Today is "O" day so it was jam packed with all O things. Her fave was the octopus weinies. She thought those were hilarious.My cool little girl headed out.... she seemed so much older today for some reason. )=

6 Feb ~ Super Bowl Sunday

I'm usually a fanatic about Valentine's Day and make it more of a month long event.... but with the infinite sickness plaguing our house and the never-ending snowstorm, I've fallen behind. They both have a pile of holiday inspired outfits that have gone by the wayside. )= Oh well, what are you gonna do? I do LOVE these pants though!Linc forewent his V-day gear so he could don his uber cool football shirt for the big game.
Tonight we had a few close friends over for the big game. I pulled out some random things really quick and threw them up. No big Tara flair, but we had a great time.

Someone had a loooong day. (=

5 Feb ~ Beauty & the Beast

Sailer and I were supposed to be going to see Wizard of Oz with a big group of friends this morning, but they delayed the start of the play due to the snow..... so we got last minute tickets to see Beauty & the Beast with Sailer's sweet friends, Olivia and Landry. It was unbelievable!!! Seriously, I was not expecting a ton as it was put on by a local school, but the sets, the talent, etc. were beyond words amazing. Here's Belle ready to head to the play.

Sailer being a toot about getting her picture taken.
They sold glowing red roses as part of the play, and the girls loved them!
Precious friends.

First Daddy-Daughter Dance

Tonight was so very special for Mark and Miss. Sailer (and by virtue, this mama). They were to attend their first daddy daughter dance together. I was (supposedly) volunteering so I, of course, snuck all kinds of pictures.

Here she is all dressed for her big date.
And her daddy looking as handsome as ever.
Here they were exchanging their corsage and boutinerre.

And the actual dance. I was SO impressed with the set up, the decor, and how they organized it.

When we first arrived, they took photos of the "couples".
And then, Sailer found her sweet friend, Kaia, and they danced like silly little girls.
Of course, they had a craft table, so she was in heaven.
Sailer also danced with precious little McKenna.
But her best and favorite dance partner was this sweet man below. He ate it up!!

4 Feb ~ Snow fun

This afternoon Mark FINALLY got a flight home back from Vegas, so we came home to meet him. We missed him so much, and were so glad to have him back.... so we packed up the kids and headed back to the house.
When we arrived home, Sailer's pal, Becca, was already out playing in the snow (it had finally warmed up!), so Sailer begged to play a bit. These two built a fancy princess snowlady, had a snowball fight, but the best part was rolling down the driveway like a snowball.