6 Sept ~ Golf with the Goats

Today I'd like to get back about an hour and half for a do over. Most who read this blog know that Mark and I really enjoy playing golf together (well, Mark likes to play with whoever he talk into it). Well, when we travel, we always scope out the nicest course to play, and have never been disappointed. Ummmm... well, let me show you just a few joys of the front nine of this "resort" course.
Yes, those are live hords of goats just walking across the fairways! I was DYING. I lost several balls simply because I refused to get out of the cart near them. And then, those lovely lizards... they were gigantic and everywhere!! The course was on the opposite side of the island from where we stayed, and it is the desert as you can see. It did have a few saving graces as you can see...the view and the company.(I've always had some fascination with lighthouses... I think they're just beautiful!)

Well, I did not make it the full 18, which I've never done. At the end of the front nine, I checked myself into the resort spa for an afternoon of pure bliss!! (= I didn't think about those goats ever again.

Tonight we headed to El Gaucho for dinner... it was fantastic! Some of the best ribs I've ever had in my life! We completely gorged! I've forgotten to mention that we made a couple friend on the trip and somehow we didn't get a picture of them. But we stayed at the bar there for awhile after dinner and drank homemade sangrias and some smoke cubans...
Then, headed back where we lost $ but still had a blast!! Do you see a trend here?

5 Sept ~ Day 2 in Paradise

So Day 2 begins...at 11am!!! I can't even tell you how awesome it was to just turn off the alarm clocks (or not have a monitor) for the morning. So here is Mark getting in a little work before we headed off... I'm sure he wishes this were current working conditions every day.Next we headed to the Palms for lunch, and it is rather funny that we took a picture of it, but they made (table-side) the best tea I've ever had in my life!!
After lunch, we headed out to layout and relax. These pics were by the pool (forgive the blur... there was apparently something on the lens.)

But finally settled right there on the ocean under our little hut for two. Doesn't Mark look like a postcard chilling out? Now this is THE way to relax by the ocean.

Can we say THANK the good Lord for Target having whatever style these swimsuits are this season. I bought several overpriced what I lovingly call "fat suits" for the trip from Just Add Water, and I think this $19.99 little thing was my fave. It covered like a one piece without making me feel like a grandma. Because let me tell you whoever created the tankini needs to be shot. Those things make me look like an oopma loompa. Still a far cry from pre-baby, but who's countin'?!?! (=After a few hours of swimming in the ocean, reading, napping, etc... Mark and I set out to go shop in town. Can I please tell you how shocked I was at their mall?!?!? It was like designer central. I wish we had something to compare to it here... the closest thing I can think of is an outside Northpark. I was in HEAVEN!
That evening we headed out to one of the local steakhouses for dinner. If you're wondering why Mark looks like he's flexing his arm is that he was showing off his new buy... he splurged and bought a new watch while we were shopping... I think it makes him feel young and hip. LOL.
And yes, we made it back to the good ole casino, where I told Mark to kiss the chips for luck and this was his response. Classy.

This is the night that Mark and I went swimming in the ocean in our clothes!!! I have a white shirt on as you can see, so it was an interesting walk of shame back to our room Luckily, we didn't run into anyone!

4 Sept ~ Aruba Bound

And we're off!! (Not without quite a few mommy tears shed and "what the heck are we doing" second-guessing.)

A few months ago, I was having one of those "mommy moments"... you know the moment that although you love your children more than life itself, you momentarily are considering selling them on e-bay?? Well, that's what I call my mommy moments. During one such instance, I received one of those super cheap travel special e-mails and started to look a little closer. The pictures of all of the happy (and skinny...gag) people laughing on the beach, looking ever so refreshed, totally suckered me in. Next thing I know, I'm booking a trip for my hubby and me without any consultation. Luckily, he was on the same page, so no harm, no foul. We did a quick little getaway like this about 8 months after Sailer was born... just the two of us... and when I tell you, it saved us, I mean, it SAVED us! (= Although your heart just hurts you miss your kiddos so much, it just totally helps you get back on track with one another. So a HUGE, HUMUNGO, GIGANTIC, COLOSSAL thanks goes out to two of Sailer and Lincoln's grandparents for making it possible!!! We wouldn't have had such a great and relaxing time without knowing our little ones were in such loving and capable (insert: spoiled rotten) hands. And again, we apologize for the lack of sleep! (=

Anywho, this is the two of us on our first leg of the trip... heading to Miami.

And now on the second leg... ARUBA BOUND! Yes, that is a mimosa AND a glass of wine that was served with our lunch. One word... heaven.
This is obviously from our phone on the plane. It was our first glimpse at our destination. It was GORGEOUS!!!

This is us checking into the hotel (yes, I'm a dork.)
And our view from our room... prior to sunset.
And during....augghhhhh.

After a little shopping and just relaxing, we headed to this uuber fabulous restaurant, Papiamento, which is the name of the native language. It was so romantic and the food was scrumptious! They served all of their fish on a hot plate (not the accurate term) to continue it's cooking at the table. Very cool!

The restaurant is used for a lot of wedding receptions. It is mostly outside tables encompassing a giant pool amidst twinkle-lit trees. It was so peaceful and beautiful.
Our waiter at the beginning told us that he wanted to be a pro photographer... so I wouldn't go that far, I'm so thankful because he wanted to take tons of pics for us. (=

After dinner, Mark and I headed back to the hotel to hit the casino. I am THAT girl who LOVES her slots! I don't like to play the big money slots, because I want it to last, but somehow it still goes by more quickly than I wish. (= We also hit the blackjack table for quite awhile to implement Mark's can't-lose plan... um, we lost. Ha ha. So back to the slots. WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT!!
One of the best parts of the casino was the Copa Cabana bar... look at the cool band located above the bar. Too fun!

Simply Summer

This is pretty much the sight I see all the time... this little tank desperately hanging on to those cute little toes. Today Sailer was standing beside me and pointed at Lincoln while he was doing this and said, "tunder ties." Translation: thunder thighs. Oh my.... that may be my fault. (=After our morning of pampering and naptime, Sailer went outside and pushed her little brother for a long time in the swing. He just giggled and stared in adoration at her. I'm pretty sure he's her biggest fan.

Doesn't she look so sweet? (What you wouldn't know is that about a second prior to this angelic photo, she was taking those sticks and chunking them at me.)
This pic just makes me smile because it simply screams "SUMMER!" Half clothed, hair askew, popsicle dripping down all over the tummy. Simple but the best.
And then, this photo that screams, "TROUBLE with a capital T!"