17 August ~ Coming home

Sad day... we have to return home to our house built of boxes. Just had to snap a few shots of Sailer in her first limo ride. What a little princess!

16 August ~ Don't let it end...

Today, Mark & Bill got up to go to the local country club to play golf, while the girls went out for breakfast at the Cathedral, shopping in Mizner Park, and finally back to the beach. That afternoon I forced everyone to go back to the beach and take a few family photos. We were super rushed, but I think there are a few keepers in there.

Later that night we ate a super fancy dinner on the 27th floor restaurant Cielo that overlooks the entire city. It was absolutely breathtaking to take in the sunset at the view!! What a lucky family we are...

15 August ~ Golf, Beach... Perfection

Today was heaven! We got up early to get in 18 holes at an incredible course... who can complain when the water hazards are waterfalls!?! Then, we met up with miss. S at the beach! She LOVED the beach, especially the sand. We played in the water, relaxed, read, built sandcastles, etc. That night, Mark & I snuck away for a little date night at this fabulous restaurant!

14 August ~ Headed to the Beach

So just in case we didn't have enough going on at our house these days, we had planned a quick trip to Florida this week. We rented a two-bedroom condo at the Boca Raton Resort and Club which was magnificent! We also talked Sailer's nana and papa into coming along to help with Sailer so that we could have some fun adult time as well. It worked out perfectly! That night we ate at The Old Homestead Steakhouse, which is rated one of the best steakhouses in Florida...our table would wholeheartedly agree!

13 August ~ Sushi for Two

It's no secret that these two have been "arranged" by their parents since before their birth. It's too funny because now when they're together there are lots of hugs and kisses exchanged. Just had to include these because they make me smile. They'll probably be just best pals later in life, but if by chance they're not, how funny will these pics be?

12 August ~ Love you even more today than yesterday...

Today was Mark and I's anniversary... where does time fly? I usually make a big deal about all things romantic, but it's funny because with everything that's been going on here, this almost flew by with little affair. Sweet Mark came home with an outfit for me to wear from my fave clothing store (not wearing b/c needed to alter due to height challenges). We went to dinner at Bob's, which was yum-o! Usually we would've likely stayed out drinking wine somewhere, but what with the no-alcohol for me and the fact that I feel my bedtime is closer to Sailer's these days, we came home and watched a movie. That actually turned out better than anything as we haven't sat down and just relaxed in awhile!

PS- How short am I?? Good lord, I look like a dwarf next to Mark in this photo...

My cup truly runneth over...

YEAH! So we just found out that Sailer is going to be a big sister! It's as if everything that I've been praying for is coming to fruition this month. It's just incredible!!


The title sums up the past few weeks for me. Some of you know that we have had a complete roller coaster ride with selling our house, at one point building a house, trying to buy a new house, you name it, it's happened and then some. Well, I really have prayed so much for Him to show us where He wanted us to be and to have faith that His timing is perfect (this wasn't always easy as it seemed that it was never going to happen.) Why do I ever question Him???

First of all, we sold our house completely out of the blue? The inspection went flawlessly. Etc. And did I mention that as part of the deal we had THREE weeks to be out? Yeah, fun times.

Now pure excitement... we went over to the house we'd been looking at for sometime (praying it wouldn't sell so we could get it) with the intention of making an offer on it...and upon entrance, found that the builders had had an entirely different view of finish out than we did. I felt a little crushed. And back to square one.

So we had our realtor do a search for all of the available properties, even though I felt like we knew ever inch of available real estate in this area. Thank goodness I was wrong!!!! We discovered our dream house. Pure and simple. So when I say God is so good... that is the understatement of the year. He blessed us with so much more than we ever thought possible. It has every single thing we wanted, was different than the rest of the million homes we viewed (they all start to look the same), and guess what, it will be move in ready.... wait for it, the day we need to move in. I couldn't be more excited about this house and all of the fun projects coming my way! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE house projects.... and believe me, with this house, I'm going to have years of house projects I think. CANNOT WAIT.

Here's a few snapshots. Obviously needs clean up, landscaping, fence, etc.... but that is to come soon. (=

the front:

the entryway:

our bathroom!!:

and where Mark plans to sleep...in the garage:

Showered with Love

Today was such a fun day for me...a few girlfriends and I hosted a shower honoring one of my dearest friends. Jennie and I met our first day of college and have been friends ever since. I could not be more excited for her new addition. ESPECIALLY since it will involve yards of "blush and bashful" (I hope someone gets that...I know Jennie will). Anyway, I can't wait to meet Avery come October! I know Sailer will finally have a clotheshorse rival. (= Her mama and I are equally as obsessed with all things fluff.

PS- notice almost the entire front row is prego. HAHA!

Learning to Coordinate Her Accessories...

Just though I'd include this cute pic of Sailer and her outfit....with all matching accessories. She just totally cracks me up!

Road Trip

Sailer and I went on a road trip with her Nana for a week....
we headed up to Fort Smith for a little relaxation, pool time, manual labor, and more.
As some of you know, they've already moved all of their furniture down here,
so that's why Sailer is sitting in a yard chair in the middle of the family room. (=

Party Girl

Today Sailer has two 1st birthday parties to attend....it was a jam-packed day, but I think she had a fantastic time!

First, we headed to her cousin, Gavin's, birthday party....SURF'S UP, DUDE!

Then, we headed back home to her neighbor friends, Tim and Sam's, party...where she played hard and ha a little bit too much sugar!


Here's a LO I did of S for Scrapping the Music based on the song Magic by the Cars.... it's says "When I'm with you, it's MAGIC"!

Hello Blog!

So sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time!
Between computer issues, lost cords, vacations, etc.... this poor blog hasn't seen much love from me.
Anyway, I'll just post a few things to catch you up, and hopefully get back on track....
we're about to move, however, so it might be difficult some days.