Halloween 2010

It's Halloween!! One of my favorite days. Costumes, candy, friends, family. All of my favorite things! We started it out by meeting the Jenkins at Boo at the Zoo.... a family tradition of sorts, this is our fourth year going together. We actually were all supposed to be Star Wars, but because of mama sicko these days, it was touch-and-go whether we were going to actually make it today.... so they wore their costumes ready for the nighttime trick-or-treating. Oh well! Next year!

Here is my little Yoda and Princess Leia.

And on to the real deal.... the main event. Trick-or-treating. While Sailer has done it every year, she is super pumped this year b/c she actually gets it. She understands she's about to be given mass amounts of candy and it's ok! What's not to love. Tonight's theme (this mom loves a good theme) is the Flintstones! Sailer is our ever lovely Pebbles.

My little man is perfect as the lovable and faithful Dino.
And the always studly, Pierce, playing our perfect Bam Bam!
It was so beyond cute!!! We seriously got stopped at every house and they wanted to take our picture. Lol!

And let's not forget the Bedrock Mobile.

Can you tell how much fun they were having??? They're crazy together.

Saving the best house for last.... we didn't have time to go to their Nana and Papa's house beforehand like usual, so we went afterward trick-or-treating. There's always an extra special treat awaiting them there.

Bushwood Country Club presents......

PGA Pros & Tiger's Hoes.

This year we did a collaboration of old school Caddyshack with a touch of now-a-day golf headline scandal. It turned out awesome! We set it up with BCC dining room for the food and goodies. Then, "Tiger's Lair" complete with stripper pole for fun (this got a lot of action late night, I'm afraid). And then, outside in our garage, we turned it into a full blown fairway complete with a huge Caddyshack (courtesy of my brilliant hubby).