Mommy & Me Photo Shoot

This morning (at the crack of dawn), the fam got up for a little photo shoot. One of my sweet friends who owns a local store OPAJ (go check her out) asked me to take some photos of myself in some of her clothes for some local mags, and then, to take some with Sailer because she sells a lot of the perfect pettiskirts that I'm addicted to.... So anyway, Sailer wasn't having much of it, but I thought I'd include some anyway.

Here are some more- I'll spare you the ones of just me...

18 July ~ Fun in the Sun

Today I took Miss. Priss to NRH20 for the morning.... we'd never been so I thought it was worth a shot. I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn't too crowded or hot, and they had a great pool and toy area for Sailer's age. She LOVED it!!! It was actually kind of relaxing for me for a change because I just sat for awhile and watched as she ran from sprinkler to sprinkler and giggled. She did a few slides, and was scared at first but then, started running for them.

The funniest thing was her playing with her sunhat. It stayed on for all of 30 seconds before she discovered she could throw it down and it would float following the current. That was about 20 minutes worth of fun just chasing it and throwing it back down in the water. Anyway, it was such a good time for both of us. And really, really, really reminds me that I want a pool soon!!!

17 July ~ A Girl and her Dog

I just took a few pictures of Sailer this morning before we left for church. I know that I am biased, but I feel like she gets more beautiful by the day.

And my heart just melts when I see this smile...

It is no secret that Sailer loves our dog, Camo. He, on the other hand, isn't always so keen about her, but he's getting better about playing with her, letting her take a ride. And she always thanks him with a big hug!

Date Night

Tonight we did an actual date night, and alas, it didn't involve golf! Miracles never cease!! (= No seriously, I love to play, but I've been craving a night out with Mark that was just a normal date. We went to the Silver Fox and then, to a wine bar I've been drying to try. I loved it! Very stylish but laid back.

Doesn't my husband look like he loves me?!??

Just fun with friends...

Love this funny face. Crazy kids!!

Two Layouts (FINALLY)

I haven't finished a layout in a few weeks- mostly because I'm afraid that I'll get all of my goodies out and be in the middle of something and then, I'll get the call that they're going to show the house and have to shove everything back in the closet. But I got two kits yesterday in the mail and thought I'd brave it out and do a little playing this morning. I am not a "simple" scrapper, but I always see designers I admire who are, so I thought I'd give it a go.

This first one is from the day that I took Sailer to the arboretum and she HATED this hat! She definitely put on her poutty face.

And this second one is of my little cutie playing in the water. I just loved this little phrase on the paper so I had to use it as my title...because it encapsulates Sailer.

15 July ~ Ooohh Lolli-Lollipop

A guy that works with Mark came over to work on the house today and brought Sailer some lollipops. Needless to say, they were a HUGE hit. So much so, that one at a time was just not going to cut it....what's a mom to do, I gave in and let her have two at a time. Here's a few quick snapshots of her (notice, she didn't even bother to take the wrapping off of one.)

14 July ~ Panty Necklace

If you ever read this blog, you know that Sailer is a fan of anything she can make into an accessory. Monday night we had a cookout at our house, and I was doing a little laundry at the time....Sailer did her part by unfolding most of what I had folded and then, put my panties around her neck like a necklace (in addition to my belt and pearls).

13 July ~ Pretty Plaid Princess

We've been wanting to visit another local church for sometime now, and finally, did this past Sunday.... I had to snap a quick shot of S while we were waiting for her daddy to get ready to leave.

12 July ~ Daddy's Big Lap

For some reason, Miss. Hope loves Mark and always wants him to "hold you".... so, of course, another little girl gets mighty jealous. So two babies in one lap is the only solution. It's too funny though because they immediately start to hug or kiss each other. Crazy girls!

Midnight Golf

Ok- so tonight Mark and I played in a Nine and Dine at our club- but the highlight was that it included midnight golf! We played nine in the light, came in for a fun dinner, and then, went back out to play the glow in the dark balls. It was by far one of the coolest thing I've done in awhile! I feel sorry for the golf team for having to set it up b/c it looked like a lot of work to set up. All the tees, parts of the fairways, and the flags were lined with glow in the dark sticks. We actually did pretty well with it too. We came in 2nd overall gross.

You never know who you'll get paired up with, but we couldn't have asked for a more fun couple! I knew it was a planned pair when they pulled out a can of shaving cream and started playing practical jokes on the foursome playing behind us. Too funny!!

Here is a pic of the flag and the drunk couple at the end of the tournament....

11 July ~ Just a little Zoobillee

Today, my mom and I took Sailer to the Fort Worth Zoo, and amazingly enough, it wasn't too terribly hot! Sailer seemed to enjoy the animals and the carousel...she was so cute in the kids' playhouse pushing the buttons to discover the animal sounds. She'd push it and run as if she were scared to stand too close. The highlight was seeing the penguins- they're simply incredible to watch. So fluid, fast and effortless.

Sailer also survived the new Southern Living Home with us. It had a few neat features. But I now know why kids are frowned upon...Sailer wanted to take "The Little Prince" with us from room to room. Oh well, she was just giving it that "lived in" feeling.

6 July ~ All "Dolled Up"

Sailer's newest toy is this precious Barbie doll house. Mark and I collectively put it together and Sailer has had so much fun playing with it. Isn't it hilarious? It is battery operated- with a door bell, a washing machine that turns, a gas top that sizzles, and a stereo system that plays throughout the house. Where were these toys when I was growing up???

This pic is of Sailer today- I just included it because I was so excited when I found this line of clothes. It's made from Amy Butler fabrics, which are my absolute fave. Funny enough, the panties are made from the fabric I used for Sailer's shower curtain.

5 July ~ Double Trouble

We bought this little motorized scooter for Sailer a few weeks ago, and it's quite the hit! It was too funny tonight though because we had some friends over for a cookout, and the girls brought it out.

Sailer rode backseat while Hope drove around the house at first....

and then, when they'd bumper-cared into all my furniture, we took it outside....

and then, there's Sailer driving. The picture says it all. I pray this is not a precursor to her future driving skills.

Happy 4th!

Just a few pics of my most recent torture of Sailer....and then, finally, a cute pic of Sailer and her daddy.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Just got back in from Vegas yesterday and man oh man, am I wiped out! It was an absolute blast though!

After being basically strip searched at the airport, we were picked up in a limo packed with champagne
(thanks to my sweet hubby). We then checked into the PENTHOUSE (again thanks to my sweet hubby)! I've never stayed in a room like that and it was so freaking cool! It was obviously at the top of the hotel and overlooked the entire city.

Our first night we took it easy and just gambled and played because we had to get up to make an early tee time. We played at the TPC Canyons (caddy and all), and it was AWESOME ! The greens were basically illusions. When you thought you were hitting up a hill, you were actually hitting downhill, etc. Later that night we ate at this fabulous sushi place in the Wyn and watched Zumanity. Wowza is all I can's definitely an eye full! Thursday we gambled, (ie....lost), shopped, ate at the N9NE Steakhouse in the Palms (yum-O), went to a fortune teller, and ended out the night seeing Wayne Brady over at the Venetian! He was absolutely hilarious.... And finally, had to come home the next day. Although I had an incredible time, I was ready to get back and see my baby!

30 June ~ Sailer's First 6 Flags Trip

Today I took Sailer on her first 6 Flags adventure! I remember going as a child and absolutely loving every second of it. The faster the ride, the better! Well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Sailer LOVED it, especially those rides where you feel your stomach drop...she just giggled and giggled. Definitely will have to take another trip soon.

This last photo is of Sailer with one of her juice boxes....just thought it was cute and had to include it!

29 June ~ Fountain Fete

As I've said before, Sailer absolutely loves her frog pool!
It's become a daily thing for us.
Anyway, just thought the pics were cute of her trying to drink from the spout.