You get the Point Right?

Mozart Moments Layout

I just had to make a fun layout of Miss S. playing her little baby grand. Isn't that a super cute little piano embellie... I want a pink piano with a sparkly music stand!!!??

Made with Love

This is just a LO of an altered project I did for Sailer's nursery awhile back.

Lipstick Chick Layout

27 February ~ Hooded Baby

Baby, it's cold outside! And we had to wear our sweet hoodie! Don't you just love the ring around her think someone loves her pacifier?

26 February~ She Loves To...

Look, Listen, and Wonder.

A Girl's Gotta Have Her Lipstick

One of Sailer's favorite toys is her mommy's make up bag. Unfortunately, today while I was cooking dinner, she decided to make her own snack. My newest shade of lipstick...

Outfit.... Take Three!

Today was just one of those super messy days for Miss. S.... so this is outfit #3 for the day. It's just toooooo nice outside to not play!

25 February ~ I'll love you 'til the cows come home...

Today was such a beautiful day that we had to make a trip to the park. We packed our snacks, put on our sun hats, and walked (you rode in your wagon) down to the community park. You absolutely loved playing in the grass and being outside. With a day like today, what's not to love! Anyway, the title of this post should be somewhat self-explanatory... a fun little cow-print outfit is always an essential in any little girls closet.

24 February ~ A Day in the Life

Do you think someone loves her bottle, or what?? I just had to take this snapshot of her taking a nap today. What you can't see is the pool of milk that is on the other side of that sweet little head. She woke up with her hair plastered to her head...sticking straight up, of course.
Do you think this baby's mommy likes bows? Too funny.... it's almost as big as her head. It started it out the day she was born, and the bows just keep growing with her. This is a fun pic of her pushing her lion around. That little thing is going to be walking any one of these days!

23 February ~ Girls Night at the Gaylord

Tonight was so much fun!!! A huge group of girls decided to rent rooms at the Gaylord for a huge birthday celebration! We dined at Ferrari's (which I highly recommend), went out at the Glass Cactus, and stayed up and laughed until the wee hours of the night. It's been a while since I've been to a girl slumber party, and it was SO what I needed.

This was a sweet little shot I took with my phone of S while we were looking over her Nana's new house.

22 February ~ Here's the Point

S's new trick is to point at everything... it's pretty cute!

21 February ~ Vote Early, Vote Often

I firmly believe in the power of the voting process. I believe you can't complain about our system of government, unless you vote and make your ideas and beliefs known. Anyway, this is Sailer's second time to go to the polls. I hope she always sees its importance and the absolute gift that right is!

February 20 ~ 29+1 and counting....

Today was my ___th birthday... I can't believe it!!! Where does time go? When did I become a full fledged adult? (Wow, that's scary)
My sweet hubby took me to a yummy dinner at 62 Main to celebrate.

Tutu Style

I did this LO for an online challenge at Scrappy Girl Designs. It was a little tough for me b/c you were really limited on the embellishments you could use. You were allowed on PP, one cardstock, 5 buttons, 1 flower, and your journaling. Anyway, here was my final product. Thought it turned out pretty cute!

19 February ~ Don't Stick Your Tongue Out at Me

Today was an interesting day. Miss S and I have been having many late night parties for the past few days.... I think her new little teeth are killing her, coupled with having a hard time breathing through her nose. SO today we pretty much just hung around the house and did nothing! Except took a little siesta together, which was sorely needed.

I did work on a little mini album- entitled "My 2 cents" that I'll upload shortly!

18 February ~ Images of Grace

Sailer is in her second photo contest of the month! This time it's with Images of Grace, and I just love her work! Go vote for #19 at if you get a chance!!!!

17 February ~ Mozart Moments

There's a funny story behind these photos. Sailer went antique shopping with her mommy and mimi on Friday and discovered this precious piano. In perfect Sailer fashion, she decided to put on a little concert for all of the fellow patrons. Banging and banging and banging some more. So of course, we had to buy the stinkin "baby" baby grand piano. Unfortunately, when Sailer thought we were leaving it behind, she threw the biggest fit to date. Now included with the fake cry is the super back bend. Everyone in the huge antique mall knew one little girl wanted her way! And she did.

Sweet Endings

Hold On Tight

My Humble Servant

Gonna Float Away Baby?

13 February ~ Denim Day

The funny thing about this post is that I don't believe in little baby girls and denim.  Sound weird?  Well, when I found out I was pregnant, my sweet grandmother, Mur, was so excited.  During one of our conversations about the coming princess, she said, "just please don't dress her in denim.  No little baby girl needs to wear denim when there are such pretty outfits out there to buy instead."  Well, it stuck with me...and I have not put a pair of jeans on my little girl since!  Until today, that is.  I thought the heart embellishment girlied them up enough.  I tell you what though- I don't plan on putting any jeans back on her for awhile!  Good lord, they're hard to get on and off for diaper changes.  They are definitely NOT worth the trouble.  I don't know what I'm going to do if I have a little boy.  I know denim is sort of a staple.  

12 February ~ "Bubba"-licious

We've had such a full day!  A photo shoot, an open house, a baby play group, and errands galore.  Sailer just wanted to let it all hang out when we got home.

This was a funny gift from Sailer's pal, Karen....unforunately, when she saw it, she thought of my hubby!

My All American Cowgirl

11 February ~ I XOXO You!

This is a new layout I just finished for Valentine's Day.  I thought the tic tac toe theme would be cute to show off a few random photos of Miss. S.  I truly do XOXO her!

10 February ~ We Did It!!!

We bought a house today!  I can't believe it...I'm beyond thrilled.  A little shell shocked and numb.  Everything has happened so fast, but that just makes me think this is exactly where we're supposed to be!

9 February ~ Grady's Girl

Today was Sailer's boyfriend, Grady's, 1st birthday party!  The had a blast at Little Gym- of course, my daughter was fearless as usual.  She doesn't really get scared about anything.  Today was no different.  Instead of being scared on the blow up mat like many of the kids, Sailer just laughed and crawled all over (especially trying to go on the big kids' side).  To make the day special, Sailer wore an outfit that boasted "Grady's Girl"!  Though we laugh that they'll likely grow up more like brother and's still fun to see them together.

8 February ~ Leap of Faith

We officially took a leap of faith and put our house on the market and bid on another one.  It's absolutely beautiful, and we're beyond excited about the possibility of moving into it very soon.  It's a little overwhelming right night....keeping your house viewer-ready with a little one who likes to spread her toys all over the house is quite a challenge.  With all of that said, I know that it's in God's hands, and he will deliver us wherever he wants us to be.  I can't wait!  

7 February ~ Tutu Sweet

I just love tutus!  Anyone who knows me can attest to that.  Sailer doesn't seem to mind, so we take photos in them as often as possible.  Today we took lots of pictures...some outside, and then later, randomly at Babies'R'Us, one of the photographers asked to take her photo while we were in the store for free.  After we were finished, she said Sailer was the easiest and most fun baby she'd ever photographed.  I told her she's quite used to having her photo taken.   That's the understatement of the year. (=

6 February ~ Sweetheart in a Box

5 February ~ Fat Tuesday

My little helper went up to Timarron with me to help decorate for the Fat Tuesday celebrations.  Of course, she had to go with flair!

Style Never Tasted So Good

Just a fun layout of Sailer eating her Valentine shoes... too cute for words!

Hand to Hold

This was a photo of me holding Sailer's hand when she was about 3 weeks old.  They were so small, so fragile...I kept thinking how powerful my new job as a mother was.  The journaling is "I will always be there for you to pull you up when you fall... and guide you as long as you let me."

Daddy Loves Apple!

A fun pic sent to me today from one of Mark's buddies....the picture says it all.  Beware, it's PG-13.

4 February ~ Mood Swings

One thing about babies that I've learned is that they can switch moods in a matter of seconds.  One minute they're laughing, the next minute they're throwing a little fit, and the next they're deep in thought about who only knows what.  I wish for day I could live in Sailer's world.
This morning after our walk I took a few pics of Sailer, and it just positively captured two of her moods.  I love, love, love to watch her laugh.  Her laugh mysteriously finds its way all the way up to her eyes, and it's simply contagious to anyone around.  BUT in a matter of seconds, she finds herself deep in some thought.  She doesn't let anything pass without complete examination.  I love that too.

3 February ~ Sailer's Best Pal

No one gets more smiles or laughs from Sailer than our dog, Camo, does!  It's too bad that Camo isn't as in love with her...he more appeases her tugging on his collar and pulling his hair.  I know some day it will finally be a love-love relationship between those two.