21 Oct ~ Under the Sea

Today the babes and I headed up to Mimi's work to do a reverse trick-or-treat... instead of hunting candy, Miss. Sailer gave out candy to all of Mimi's friends. She did it last year, and she seems to think it's pretty funny (probably because she gets to eat half the bucket in the process.) Anyway, this was actually Sailer's choice in costumes. We are ALL ABOUT Ariel in our house right now, so Sailer wanted to be a mermaid.

And what you may ask was the little man? Well, Ariel's trusty sidekick the crustacean, Sebastian. (Like he cares...) (=

Heading down the hallways passing out candy.
And afterward she is supremely incognito making her exit.
Clearly, it took a lot out of her.
And finally, Mr. Linc was introduced to a few of my fave Dr. Seuss books today... so to commemorate... (aren't his two little feet precious??)

And last but definitely not least, was a quick pic of Mommy out with the girls. We all braved the monsoon in the name of wine and free pizza! It was an absolute blast, so much so that the party continued on at our house afterwards. LOL. (=

20 Oct ~ My Little Hippie Chick...

heading off to school. What I love about this picture is right before I tried to get her to do a peace sign, and so I tried to show her how to do. She proceeded to tell me, "Mommy, I know I 2!!"

Rockin' out with Uncle Randall

Lest I forget Sailer rockin' out with the boys.... "Uncle Randall" as Sailer likes to call him came over after a golf tournament... she ADORES him! I guess it would be hard not to when a sweet man carries you around, sits at the "little table" for dinner with you, sings to you, etc. Randall is in a real live band and has taught Sailer to sing "I've got the bluuuuuues." It's way beyond cute. Anwho, this is the band together.

19 Oct ~ I think she's the "fairest of them all"

A simple tutu for dance today but still thought it was cute... and different!Good lord... she can have some of the sweetest moments!! Makes the tantrums tolerable. (=
And my cute little man in his LINCOLN shirt... who says monogramming can't be masculine??
Ok- today was a special day for Miss. S... I decided to have a Snow White day for her to celebrate the movie release... she is totally into princesses right now! I completely HEART it! So along with the movie, I decorated her little table with all kinds of SW goodies for her as a surprise when she woke up from her nap. She was a little groggy but so excited.

Coming around to see her "surprise"...

I just love this picture because she kept telling me the SW dress was "bootiful"!

Putting her SW shoes on...

Dressing her new Snow White...

18 Oct ~ Gone Fishing

Today Sailer's nana and papa invited Sailer to come to a family fishing day at their church. She LOVED that she got to break out her uuber fun pink fishing pole again. HOWEVER, her favorite part BY FAR were the minnows! She loves to play with the minnows....sneaking kisses (I know....ewwww) whenever she could.
Sneaking a kiss...

Fishing with daddy.... aren't they so cute!?!?
Picnic time...
And Sailer "caught" TWO big fish that day... here she's reeling it in with her papa.

And fish #2...
My hunky fisherman!
Checking out the other bait.... and so not as fun!
My stud little fisherman clad in his little overalls.