23 July ~ the exact opposite of good example parents.

My 2 baby girls and I are headed out this morning to go to Sophia's Piggie Birthday Party....

It was so cute and fun to see some friends we haven't gotten a chance to in awhile.

 Then, we went home and grabbed the boys and headed to Angelo's 4th Birthday Party.

 Despite the fact that it makes me sad that Linc is getting bigger, one bonus is that he can do things like go up the bounce house by himself now.  How nice it is to be able to stay at the bottom and just watch and relax (sort of).

 I SO love Mr. Keith.  He is such a sweet daddy and my kids adore him.  If you know our family well, you know that my little man is nothing like Sailer.  He is cautious and doesn't "trust" super easily.  It says so much that he totally loves and feels comfortable with him.
 Tonight we are heading out for a double date night, and though I'm totally excited.  It's little visions like this as I leave that give me pause and a little bit of yearning to just stay in.
 Tonight we met some of our very best friends out for dinner and then, beer bowling.  To say this night was hilarious and crazy and totally unexpected is the understatement of the year.  We started off innocently enough at Mi Cocina and then, progressed to Main Event (where we were kicked out.... of how I wish I was kidding), and finally, out super late night.

Apparently granny bowling is now deemed "offensive" for a family establishment.... because my innocent and pretty tame girlfriend, Amy, was the cause of our demise at the bowling alley.  I have to say that I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.

I love this picture because you can tell just how much fun we're having.... friends like this only come around a few times in a lifetime.  They're fun and easy and always there.  We always have the best time with them (and often find trouble).  Tonight was no exception.

22 July ~ Playdates

 Today we headed for a fun playdate with friends--- I've had these little outfits literally since we found out Sable was a little girl.  Just simple little fun play clothes but when they're times 2 it's so precious!!

 I swear she is the happiest baby!!  If only she'd sleep and not "talk" all night, she'd be perfect!

21 July ~ and the Party Animal returns

 Today we just stayed in because mommy wasn't feeling so hot (cough cough).  So we did a lot of just chilling, relaxing, snuggling, and of course, trouble making.  Sailer is the queen of overkill.  She cracks me up because she is so me.  One is never enough.  And she rarely doesn't know when to stop.  Today she found Lincoln's car sticker book, and well, poor Lincoln no longer has any.

 My little babe is getting so big and is actually starting to try to grab at things.  She actually "played" today on her little mat as opposed to just staring at herself in the mirror and giggling.
 And hence the title, I have another girls night out.  For a girl who hasn't gone out-out in quite a long time (insert pregnant and cranky and boring), I'm coming out of my shell with vengeance.  Tonight we headed to Trulucks to celebrate with Leah.

20 July ~ Birthday Day

 We started our day out at the Taco Stand to celebrate Auntie Leah's birthday with some of the crew.  This was a DISASTER waiting to happen with all these babes in one booth.  Nothing a little margarita at noon couldn't fix!
 Next, I dropped Sailer off at Nature Camp and flew to take Sable to her 2 month dr's appointment.
She was 10 lbs and 2 ounces (30%) and 22 1/4 inches long (80%!)  So far she's skinny like Sailer and long like Linc (actually she's way longer than Linc was).  Who would've guessed?!?!
 Apparently, she didn't know what was coming... too bad I did.  Shots!  I was already tearing up.  I swear that's the worse thing to endure because you know it's awful but good for them.
 Finally meeting Dr. Hunt who just had a baby girl too.  They will likely be friends as they grow.
 After I picked Sailer up from school, it was time to celebrate Kim's birthday with a girl's night out!

19 July ~ Sweet loving

 My babies have gotten into a new phase of wrestling all the time.  Luckily, they both seem to enjoy it.
 This morning, the babes headed to Legoland and the Aquarium with their nana and cousins.  Unfortunately, they didn't get to do either one due to long lines. )=  I'd say the highlight was getting to pick out a treasure from the gift shop.  As you can see, they are both SO tired.
 My two baby girls snuggling as they sleep.

18 July ~ Meeting cousins

 Today Miss. Sable is going to meet some more of her family from Kansas.  She got all dolled up for the big day, but unfortunately exploded right as we walked in the door.

 Too bad her mama didn't pack an extra change of clothes, so she is actually wearing her daddy's baby onesie from the 70's.  She seems pretty happy about it!
 And Miss. Sailer with her cousin.  It was so hilarious and very sweet but she followed him around EVERYWHERE!  And did everything he did.  He was very sweet to appease her and play with her.  She even shared her chocolate popsicles that she made with her nana.

17 July ~ Pure sweet mixed with a little chaos.

 What's a few belly laughs between girls?
 And Linc, sweet boy is always up for a dance party.  That kid likes to "shake his bootie" all the time!

Sailer is teaching Sable how to patty cake.
 And as I'm trying to finally get dressed for the day at NOON.  Here are my babes rolling around being sweet and silly and totally lovable.

 Unfortunately, when you have a newborn who is not pleased to be out and about and you turn your head for a second, this is what you will most likely find.  Notice, Sailer is holding tight to her 1 Barbie and Linc has pulled out EVERY car he could find.

 And last but not least, my beautiful Sable Rose.