21 July ~ and the Party Animal returns

 Today we just stayed in because mommy wasn't feeling so hot (cough cough).  So we did a lot of just chilling, relaxing, snuggling, and of course, trouble making.  Sailer is the queen of overkill.  She cracks me up because she is so me.  One is never enough.  And she rarely doesn't know when to stop.  Today she found Lincoln's car sticker book, and well, poor Lincoln no longer has any.

 My little babe is getting so big and is actually starting to try to grab at things.  She actually "played" today on her little mat as opposed to just staring at herself in the mirror and giggling.
 And hence the title, I have another girls night out.  For a girl who hasn't gone out-out in quite a long time (insert pregnant and cranky and boring), I'm coming out of my shell with vengeance.  Tonight we headed to Trulucks to celebrate with Leah.

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