I've been tagged.

Well, I've been tagged by Stacey. I have to list 7 random facts about myself.

Here's how it works:

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So 7 misc./random things about me:

1. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch a TV series from start to finish in one sitting.... usually with snacks (the combination of funyuns and snickers) and cocktails.
2. I have WAY WAY WAY more than 100 pairs of shoes, and my daughter is quickly catching up with me (fyi- she just turned 1...I counted the other day and she is up to 62 pairs).
3. My name is Tara and my brother's name is Rhett.... my mom was clearly medicated while she watched Gone With The Wind obsessively during pregnancy.
4. I love to read. Alway have. But my taste in literature is extremely far reaching and varying. My favorite author of all time is Jane Austen, however, I read all kinds of "trash" and love it too. Oh, and I guess the random point is that I'm addicted to vampire novels. Super weird, but there's something intriguing about them.
5. I believe gravy should be considered its own food group.
6. I have 2 tattoos.... my left eyebrow and my right eyebrow. (=
7. I was a lawyer in my "past life".... and now am the social secretary for one sassy 1-year-old, the maid for one crazy household, a complete scrap-crazed embellisher, and finally, as my sweet husband says, "the most well-paid nanny in the world."

So it's my turn.... I have to tag 7 people!

Sailer's Minnie Party

30 March ~ For the Love of Minnie

Today we had Sailer's First B-day Party.... it was all about Minnie, which is Sailer's favorite! It was so stinkin' cute. She had several friends and lots of family over to help her celebrate. I will upload a slide show soon of her big day! Here's one that shows how cute she was in her precious tutu and new cupcake top (which came straight off the Market floor the day before, thanks to her sweet friend, Tracy) sitting in her Minnie throne....and of course, with her ears!

29 March ~ Working Girl

I just absolutely LOVE this photo. It's Miss. S getting a little work done in her Minnie chair, at her pink table with her hot pink Mac. Isn't she a complete sass???

27 March ~ Sic Em Bears

The significance of this picture, minus it being both her mama's and her grandparents' alma mater, is that I bought this little t-shirt when she was only 3 months old while on a road trip with her godmother, Natalie. We paraded her around the entire campus taking pictures of her in it, so that if she decided to go there one day, she'd have pics of herself as just a baby supporting her school. Let's just say, it fits a little better now.

26 March ~ One Year and Counting

I simply cannot believe my sweet baby turned ONE today.... where has this year gone? To think this time last year, I was at the hospital just praying she'd come as soon as possible. It's amazing how much your life can change in a mere 365 days.

Sailer's big day was fun-filled (minus fighting a small allergic reaction to strawberries... hence the poor little bumps around her mouth)! When she woke up, we made our first trip to the donut shop in our pjs. She had 1 1/2 all by herself (and no, she did not nap today due to the sugar high). Then, we had a picnic for lunch at the park so she could swing and play in the sand. Came home and played out in the front yard with our bubbles and cheetos (she ate both). And then, went to our fave mexican restaurant, Frescas,to have Sailer's favorite... guacamole! Finally, she ended her day with homemade cupcakes from her Nana. Now, we're just waiting for her party to arrive to celebrate the big day some more!!!

What Grows In My Garden

The journaling on this LO reads, "Sailer, you bloom faster and more beautiful than any flower in my garden." I had to do something with flowers with the size of the one on top of her head. Poor, poor little girl.... borderline child abuse, I know.

She's Worth Far More Than Gold

Ok- the story behind this layout (which looks nothing like something I would usually do) is that my 1 year old daughter, Sailer, helped create it. I finally let her get her cute little fingers in the paints that she's been coveting. With a little mommy-direction, this is what we came up. The words could not be more true in my eyes.

24 March ~ Fancy Laundress

Here's a pic of Sailer helping her Nana with the laundry.

Sailer's 2nd Easter

We had a pretty low key day since Miss. S didn't feel well. She was way better than Saturday, but she was still not great. We just went to lunch at 62 Main, one of our fave places to eat. I have a few pics from the day.... she at least got to wear one of her Easter dresses (she had another beautiful one she was supposed to get to wear on Sat. but didn't )= ). Also, have some pics of her getting in her Easter basket and showing off her bunny fur.

22 March~ Not Quite What I Expected

Well, I thought I would be posting tons of cute pictures of Sailer meeting the Easter Bunny, hunting eggs beside her pal, Grady, petting live bunnies, you name it.... never did I expect to be taking her to the emergency care center after 8 hours of inconsolable crying and sleeping in her crib (yes, right beside her to cuddle). Fortunately/ unfortunately, it was an ear infection. And I am completely in love and in awe with the brilliance of the ear drops they gave us. What a lifesaver... within minutes of putting them in her ears, she was a new baby! Definitely not the baby we're used to, but a far cry from the sad pathetic little face from the morning.

21 March ~ Day at the Gym

Today was Sailer's friend, Ashley's, birthday party at little gym.... in regular Sailer fashion, she was fearless and wanted to play beyond her years! She's definitely going to be a handful, but she loved every second of it!


I had to do a layout of myself for Scrappy Girl Designs and this is what I came up with... the quote was from a birthday card I received this year. Sad to say, it's pretty accurate. Anyway, I thought it was too funny not to use!

Pure Joy

This is a LO I just did of Sailer- it's the evidence of her tickle fight with her dad!

Just Pulling Her Weight

S LOVES to help with the dishes... albeit she doesn't get a lot of them clean!

Living in a Bubble

This is just a fun pic of Sailer loving her bubble machine! We just attach it to the side of the shower and let them fall on her head during her bath. It's a definite crowd pleaser!

20 March ~ Sailer's First Easter Party

Today Sailer went to her first Easter party with a few of her sweet friends. This was something a friend of mine "threw together at the last minute." Goodness, is all I can say! There was food and goodies galore, bounce houses, bubble machines, millions of eggs, and so many fun things to do and play with! If this was "thrown together", I can't imagine what it would've been like had she planned. (= Anyway, it was so much fun! Sailer found one egg and stayed with it to cover it. Then, she tried to steal all of her friend Riley's eggs. The grass is greener, I guess.

19 March ~ Fillin' Eggs

Today my little helper assisted me in stuffing over 1,000 eggs for our club's egg hunt this Saturday. These were her treat to take home and play with... in and out and in and out of the bucket. And of course, we have to play with them OUTSIDE!

Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies...

Scrappy Girl March Kit Designs

This is my first month creating for Scrappy Girl Designs and it's been so fun! I just got my kit a few days ago and have already cranked out 2 layouts and a mini-album.... this month featured one of my faves, Jenni Bowlin, and her Tangerine Dream line as well as the Dream Street Birdie Bits line.

18 March ~ Dreary Rainy Days

I thought it only appropriate to have Sailer clad in her umbrella hoodie since it was so dreary and rainy outside! She hates to be inside all day, but somehow we managed.

March 17 ~ Happy St. Patty's Day!

March 16 ~ Smocked Princess

I usually don't like smocked dresses, but I love this one. How long and feminine it is... it reminds me of a little vintage angel! The sweet ladies at church just wait to see what she's going to wear the next Sunday... what's so funny about that is that when I was a child, all of the little old ladies from church would come down to the nursery just to see what my mom had dressed me in. Like mother, like daughter!

Look at those Green Eyes...

Of all the scenarios I imagined, I never though Sailer would have GREEN eyes, blue like mine or brown like Mark's, but never green! They're so beautiful! They change shades with whatever she wears, but there is always a hint of green in them.

March 15 ~ My Godmother's Shower

Today I helped host a shower for one of my dearest friends and my bebe's godmother... she is taking an incredibly brave leap of faith and becoming a foster parent. I couldn't be happier or more excited for her. I know she'll be a fantastic mom and will forever change the life of the baby she helps nurture and raise. Sailer can't wait for her new playmate to arrive!

15 March ~ Waking up with her purse!!

I just love this photo b/c it shows how much she loves all things girly! She woke up holding her purse and crawled with it all morning until she had to get into the bath.

Remember this for later...

14 March ~ Sunny Jacket

He Just Thinks He's Getting "Lucky" Tonight.

I did this LO for this week's challenge over at Scrappy Girls in honor of St. Patrick's Day... just thought it was funny!

12 March ~ Play Hard

I definitely have an outdoor baby..... she gets so mad when it's time to come back inside. She plays so hard with her toys outside, even in a big floppy watermelon sun hat that her mommy makes her wear to shade her from some of the rays.

11 March ~ Swing Baby

Sailer LOVES the park, especially the swing. The higher and higher I pushed her, the bigger the smile and the louder the laughter!

Spring Time Is Coming Fast....

What I See When I Look At You...

10 March ~ Our Grass is Greener

Today S and I played in the yard because she was just not loving being indoors! We put down winter rye this year, and it's beautiful compared to all of the rest of the yards. I love it! And so does Sailer, though not for the same reasons, I'm sure!

9 March ~ Sip'n'See

Today I helped host a Sip'n'See for my sweet friend, Kristine, to help welcome her newest little treasure, Cason, home! Along with the best bundt cake ever and pitchers of mimosas, I think it was a great success. I have a few pics from the party, and then, of course, some of Sailer in her party dress.

So when daddy came home from golf, he and Sailer had some tickle time. Isn't that the cutest laugh ever??