22 March~ Not Quite What I Expected

Well, I thought I would be posting tons of cute pictures of Sailer meeting the Easter Bunny, hunting eggs beside her pal, Grady, petting live bunnies, you name it.... never did I expect to be taking her to the emergency care center after 8 hours of inconsolable crying and sleeping in her crib (yes, right beside her to cuddle). Fortunately/ unfortunately, it was an ear infection. And I am completely in love and in awe with the brilliance of the ear drops they gave us. What a lifesaver... within minutes of putting them in her ears, she was a new baby! Definitely not the baby we're used to, but a far cry from the sad pathetic little face from the morning.

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stephanie said...

bless her little heart. hope she's feeling better and that you had a blessed easter.
last year, we spent easter in the ER after harper had an allergic reaction to eggs. ironic much?