A Total "Crap" Day

Well, I'm going to give you just a glimpse of my day today.
Wow- do I love being a mom, but today, let's just say that I'm so glad she's cute!

It started out this morning- it was raining cats and dogs.
Poor Sailer just stared out the back door longingly at her frog pool.
Such a sad way to start out a day.
And let me tell you, the weather and the inability to go outside did not enhance my little princess' mood.
[I do love this photo though.]

When the rain finally subsided, we made a trip to Target.
In less than 5 seconds she had shanghaied the blueberry muffins from the cart and stuffed them in her mouth and smeared them on her head and face. [Side note- a cute grandma saw her from behind and said "oh, she's so cute in her dress and bow" and then, Sailer slowly turned around.... and the lady replied "looks can be deceiving." She has NO IDEA.]

Then, we had taken the cover off her car seat to wash it, so we were driving with just the base of the seat.
As I was driving, I look back only to find her tearing the foam from the bottom of her seat.
As I said, "no!!"- she simply looked at me and grabbed the largest piece of the foam and RIIIPPPPP.
And of course, slowly and knowingly smiled at me.

Then, we have lunch time.
Baby LUVS spagetti-o's. Especially when she gets the opportunity to feed herself.
Needless to say, she needed a bath in a bad way.
This brings me to the highlight of my day.
The bath.

Well, as I said in a previous post, our new special time is to take bubble baths together.
So we get in. We're playing. She's laughing. She gets ever so still.
And then smiles large as life and laughs at me.
I look down and she has POOPED in the water. I'm not talking Caddyshack turd, but straight diarrhea.
I grabbed her and jumped out just in the nick of time.

We closed out our day with the longest 30 minutes of my week these days... the dreaded swimming lessons.
Last week she cried the ENTIRE time.
I am pleased to say that today she actually made most of the lesson without a supreme diva meltdown.
The photo isn't great as I took it with my phone as we were waiting for the lesson to start.
But I had to take a photo of the suit because it's so stinking cute.
And heavy!! The tutu has to be at least 5 lbs. Oh well, fashion is brutal sometimes.

Sailer Recap

I have been without a computer for over a week, and I've just been DYING without it! So here are a few recaps...

11 June ~ My Beautiful Disaster

Our newest thing to do together is to take bubbles baths!! There such a fun time for us, except for when it's time to get out b/c Sailer isn't a big fan!

12 June ~ For the love of necklaces...
Sailer has such an obsession with all things girly! Her newest thing is getting into my jewelry esp the necklaces. She still hasn't grasped the concept of just one.

Later in the day, Sailer went to one of her pals' birthday party... the theme was cowboys and indians... isn't my little cowgirl such a cutie pie?!?!?

June 14 ~ Family Matters
Saturday my mom threw a wonderfully sweet birthday party for my grandmother and her three sisters. They're so hilarious together, and you could tell that they absolutely cherished the time together. To make it an even more special day, Jessi, the eldest sister made a quilt for Sailer that was just perfect! It was hand-stitched with butterflies and Sailer loved it! She tried to drag it around with her even though it was so much bigger than her.

15 June ~ Happy Father's Day
Today was such a lazy but fun day.... lots of golf, great steaks, and lots of daddy-daughter play!

16 June ~ Frogs Out of Water
I bought this precious little frog pool for Sailer, and of my gosh, she loves it!! In fact, last night I had to open the back door to air out the kitchen and she ran out and jumped in it with all of her clothes on! These are a few shots from her first day in it.

4 June ~ Tea Party

Sailer and I had a little tea party in her room this afternoon, and I caught a few shots. I love these little bloomers...it's the only time in her life that those little thunder thighs will be considered perfect!

4 June ~ Just a normal morning in Sailer's world

Anyone who knows me or see Sailer knows I have a "small" problem with bebe clothes and accessories....namely, that I feel she needs them all and lots of them! One of her favorite things to do is go to her closet and just start pulling all her shoes out, but today, she got into her hat basket and started putting them on her and me (which is ironic b/c she usually cries when I bring a hat out!)

And the next 2 pics are of Sailer at breakfast this morning... I'm trying to get her to feed herself, and she's gotten better. But this morning apparently waiting for the spoon was just too much time and trouble, so she just decided to scoop it out with her hands and lick it clean. A fun clean up job for mommy...

3 June ~ Made with love by Mimi

OK- isn't this little outfit so adorable?? My mom, Sailer's Mimi, made her a couple of just fun, simple outfits for the summer. This is one of my faves!

2 June ~ Ready to GO!

Too funny- today I told Sailer "are you ready to go?" And she grabbed her bunny bag and took off (FAST) and just stood at the front door waiting for me. Isn't she a doll?

Cinderella and a reminder to love today....

A friend of mine sent me Steven Curtis Chapman's site and blog earlier today.... as many of you have heard, one of his precious little girls was taken from him recently. As I watched the video of "Cinderella" (a song penned with his daughter, Mary, in mind), tears just streamed down my face. I am a firm believer that the Lord does all thing according to his perfect timing, but man, sometimes it's hard to understand the "why" when it comes to the loss of a child. While watching the video, I just couldn't help picturing Sailer dancing, and my heart just broke for SCC and his family. So I guess, the only reason I'm posting this is to encourage you to first off, pray for their family (for faith, love, understanding, and courage), and secondly, to just encourage you to hug, kiss, and tell those you love how you feel. I think we often just assume they know, but in case they don't....or just need a reminder, it's stories like this one, that make those special moments and words all the more crucial. So, to my family and friends, I love you and am so grateful to you and for you.... more than I express or will ever be able to show. God has been so good to me. My cup truly runneth over.

Lost in this Moment

This week's challenge at Scrapping the Music is the song Lost in this Moment, which is such a sweet song! There were a lot of photos that came to mind, but this one is still one of my favorites of all time. Not because it's necessarily the best one (b/c it's not).... But it's of newborn Sailer with me on the day we brought her home. In fact, she was asleep from the car ride home, and I fed and rocked her in her room for the first time. It was such a magical time for me.