28 Mar ~ Sailer's Easter Garden Party (well, not so much)

Today was Sailer's birthday party... because I'm HOPING I have a new little one by the time Easter comes, I didn't want Sailer to miss out on all of the Easter festivities, so we hosted an Easter-themed party for her b-day for about 20 of her friends. Of course, since the weather has been beautiful and 70 degrees for the last few weeks, it would have to get down to the 30s the day of her party. I was freaking out about it, but it actually worked out just fine! The kids didn't seem to notice or mind, so that's all that matters. We had Easter decor EVERYWHERE, lots of food and sweets, a petting zoo with all kinds of baby animals for the kids to play with and pet, a jump house, and the Easter bunny even made a special appearance! Then, we had an egg hunt all around the house.... what a MESS!!! Oh well, it was all worth it. Sweet Sailer kept asking me where her pig was all day... good lord, that's all we need!! The smartest thing I did for the day was have a photographer come to take the party pictures so I didn't have to worry about missing things!! A friend of mine from college has a photography business here, so she came and was so freakin' awesome!! I can't wait to get the photos back to see and share!

Later that night, we opened more presents (we broke it up into 4 different sessions b/c she'd invariably get stuck on one toy and not want to open any more.... I can't even tell you how sweet and generous all of Sailer's friends and family were!! It was amazing to me that people put so much thought into their gifts... she is such a blessed little girl!! I hope she always knows that! I do have to brag on one particular gift that I thought was so meaningful and clever. Sailer's adopted aunt and uncle, Tim & Lisa (she'll kill me for posting this) bought Sailer a 2-year-old oak tree for us to plant here at the house, so it will grow with her. Isn't that the coolest?? Later that night, we headed to Mi Cocina for a final birthday dinner with Sailer's grampa who drove down from Oklahoma to celebrate with her. We didn't crawl into bed until after 11!! Sweet little girl was so pumped from the day, she wasn't even cranky (unlike her mama!)

27 Mar ~ Happy B-day Nana!

Bad mommy forgot her camera charging at home, so we have no pics from tonight!!! But the whole family headed up to Kirby's Steakhouse to celebrate Sailer's Nana's 21st birthday (ok, so that may be an under-estimation but who's counting?!?) The food was of course wonderful, and we even snuck in a birthday cake to celebrate.

My Baby is TWO!! How did that happen??

Today, my sweet little Sailer turned TWO YEARS OLD! Where does the time go? Although I'm having a blast with every stage, and I love that we can do more thing and that she can interact with us so much more.... I still want her to be a baby!! Anyway, tonight to celebrate her birthday, the family and her best friend, Hope, and her crew all went to Incredible Pizza for dinner and lots and lots of playtime. The place is HUGE, and has all kinds of games, a play area just for Sailer's age group, indoor golf and go-carts, etc. Needless to say, Sailer LOVED it!! She and Hope were all over the place...as you can see from the gazillion pictures I took! ha ha... mommy's perogative! (=

26 Mar ~ Sports Day & School Party

Today was Sports Day at school...the kids were to wear their fave team paraphenalia, so there was finally a legitimate reason for me to dress Sailer in her adorable little Baylor cheerleading uniform. I bought this when her godmother, Nat, and I took a roadtrip and stopped at our alma mater. Anyway, I got to help with the golf area during the sports day, but I did sneak out a few times to catch a few pics of Sailer and her friends showing off their sporting skills.

After the sporting events, Sailer got to celebrate her birthday with her school pals. We brought in yummy Sonic and the coolest cupcakes ever! We did Minnie themed plates, cups, decorations, treats, etc. since Sailer is STILL obsessed with her (this was the theme of her 1 year old party if you can believe she still hasn't moved onto another obsession yet.) The cupcakes were so stinkin' yummy and cute! The place that made them for me, took an actual image off the internet and somehow made it out of icing. Isn't that incredible??

Mickey & Minnie on Ice

I've been looking forward to today for awhile... Hope's mom and I got tickets for Mickey & Minnie on Ice a month ago b/c we just knew the girls would go absolutely crazy! And they did! I swear Jayla and I didn't plan the outfits, but I guess great minds think alike! (= We both dressed our girls like Minnie- Hope in the old school red & white, and Sailer in the new MMC pink & white. Aren't they adorable?? They were definitely the best dressed at the icecapades. We had front row, rinkside seats, which was awesome for a lot of reasons. We wanted to make sure they could see and understand what was going on, but also, they didn't have to stay in their seats... so they got to play the whole time! The girls went crazy when Mickey and his gang came out! Sailer didn't know a lot of the movies that they highlighted, except for Tinkerbell which she loved! Every time Mickey & Minnie would leave, the girls would go crazy and demand their return. All in all, they were too cute dancing and clapping to the music and show.

22 Feb ~ Uncle Rhett's B-day Lunch

Today Sailer's Mimi hosted a birthday lunch for Uncle Rhett at her house. She made chicken marabella which is one of my absolute favorite dishes!! Sailer doesn't quite realize when presents are not for her, so she helped out her Uncle Rhett with opening. And then, she and her Pom played around with the tissue paper. Some of the best toys aren't really toys at all. (=

21 Mar ~ Belated Birthday Wishes

Tonight we celebrated (belatedly) Haley's 8th b-day over at the house. We had to miss her dinner last week b/c Sailer was so sick, but didn't want to miss it altogether. The boys grilled out while the girls played outside. Then, we celebrated with ice cream and cheesecake.

I included the last pic just b/c this has become a regular occurrence... Sailer getting her diaper changed by a pro... well, until Hope discovers it's more than just wet.

20 Mar ~ Date Night with the hubby

Tonight we were supposed to take pictures with a friend of mine, but last minute, there was a change of plans... and instead, Mark & I got to sneak off for dinner at Gloria's and a movie. We saw Duplicity... it was ok. I liked it but Mark thought it was terrible. Oh well, it was still fun to get out together since that's not likely to happen a lot come next month.

19 Mar ~ Already stealing her brother's car...

Well, we have been getting all of the baby toys and gadgets put together lately in preparation for Lincoln's (hopefully) soon arrival. Tonight we put together his "car"... isn't it sooo cool?!?! It's a total guy's jumper/walker/playstation. Well, Sailer just had to take it out for a few test spins.

18 Mar ~ Family Dinner

Tonight we had dinner with Sailer's cousin, Gavin... I can't believe how big he's gotten!! Isn't he so precious?!?! Love these photos of them givin' each other hugs & kisses.

Btw, chocolate donuts are NUM NUM!