26 Mar ~ Sports Day & School Party

Today was Sports Day at school...the kids were to wear their fave team paraphenalia, so there was finally a legitimate reason for me to dress Sailer in her adorable little Baylor cheerleading uniform. I bought this when her godmother, Nat, and I took a roadtrip and stopped at our alma mater. Anyway, I got to help with the golf area during the sports day, but I did sneak out a few times to catch a few pics of Sailer and her friends showing off their sporting skills.

After the sporting events, Sailer got to celebrate her birthday with her school pals. We brought in yummy Sonic and the coolest cupcakes ever! We did Minnie themed plates, cups, decorations, treats, etc. since Sailer is STILL obsessed with her (this was the theme of her 1 year old party if you can believe she still hasn't moved onto another obsession yet.) The cupcakes were so stinkin' yummy and cute! The place that made them for me, took an actual image off the internet and somehow made it out of icing. Isn't that incredible??

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