16 Nov ~ Finally back to normal

We are finally getting to go back to gymnastics and music today after missing for yuckiness the last two weeks! She was beyond excited as you can tell.

I asked her if she needed to practice before we left since we'd missed so much, and she said, "hmmmmm, nope, I member... see?!?!?"
And then, she proceeded to do her crazy ballet as I lovingly call it. She mostly runs and twirls and randomly throws in a first position here and there.
After dance, we trucked it to get to playgroup in time.... I'm sure her friends thinks she lives in tutus. And truth be told, it wouldn't be too far from reality.

Although Linc may be a tank, he does NOT like to eat "solids." It is a daily struggle that this mama completely dreads. We try every day and have had NO improvement. I've never seen a baby get EVERY single piece of food back out, but he can!
Sailer told me tonight that she was certain she could help and he'd rather she feed him.... and the problem was likely that he'd like the bigger spoon....

And sadly, my little princess can fit better in the bumbo than her "little" brother...

15 Nov ~ Just playing House

Tonight we headed to Pierce's house for the game and a little cookout. They crack me up because they sneak off and play "house".... but DO NOT want the mamas to watch.

13-14 Nov ~ Grandpa comes to town

Sailer's Grandpa came in this weekend to play with sailer and linc... I was NOT so great about taking pictures!! uggghhh. These were the only ones I grabbed.Practicing her backflips.

He donned his golf attire since all the other boys were actually getting play in the incredible weather.

12 Nov ~ Rockin' Girl

My little girl rocker finally got to go back to school today... she was beyond pumped!! (As I was as well....)
[Just had to include the pic of her cutie little bottom of ruffles!]
My other one on the other hand.... feeling yucky again!)=

11 Nov ~ Lipstick Necessity

This is what happens when Daddy is in charge of breakfast... I'm counting that as her fruit serving for the day.
Today we finally got out of the house. Hallelujah! We met Mr. Pierce for lunch and a little playtime at the Safari Park. When I asked Sailer if she wanted to meet Pierce for lunch today, she said very seriously, "yes, mommy." And she just stood there thinking really intently. I asked her what was wrong, and she looked at me with a straight and concerned face, and said "I think I need lipstick." Cracked me up.... she is SO my daughter.

10 Nov ~ Loungin Around

Another day of sick babies and lots of lounging around.

Sailerism for the day.... While doing dishes, I hear Sailer say "Lincoln, don't worry, I'll pop your peanut...." What in the world?? She has taken his diaper off and is pushing his little bit down.... OMG OMG OMG... don't ask me where she heard "peanut"!! Mark's gonna kill me for writing this as he wants to never hear this story again, but it makes me crack up every time I think about it.

9 Nov ~ The sickness continues...

We are at home AGAIN with what seems to be the never-ending illness at our house....

but doesn't he look SO sick? LOL. Double ear infections and a cold but still smiling.

8 Nov ~ Hope's B-day Safari

Today Sailer celebrated her BFF Hope's Birthday at the Safari Park.... I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard "Hope and Sailer" over the PA getting in trouble! LOL.

Annual Holiday Family Portrait Fiascos

This year our annual family photography session with the ultra talented Tamara with From The Treetop photography was a two-parter... my kiddos were just NOT feeling pictures the first day (they both turned out sick the following day, go figure), but it actually worked out great. Mark and I don't have a lot of great pictures of just the two of us, so in order not to waste the trip, Tamara took some photos of just the two of us... and I absolutely adore them. She came back out a second time to take the kiddos photos again, and again, I'm amazed. She was SO patient with them, as they couldn't seem to be in a good mood at the same time. And here ya go... aren't they gorgeous?? (I know I'm biased, but still... (= )