16 Nov ~ Finally back to normal

We are finally getting to go back to gymnastics and music today after missing for yuckiness the last two weeks! She was beyond excited as you can tell.

I asked her if she needed to practice before we left since we'd missed so much, and she said, "hmmmmm, nope, I member... see?!?!?"
And then, she proceeded to do her crazy ballet as I lovingly call it. She mostly runs and twirls and randomly throws in a first position here and there.
After dance, we trucked it to get to playgroup in time.... I'm sure her friends thinks she lives in tutus. And truth be told, it wouldn't be too far from reality.

Although Linc may be a tank, he does NOT like to eat "solids." It is a daily struggle that this mama completely dreads. We try every day and have had NO improvement. I've never seen a baby get EVERY single piece of food back out, but he can!
Sailer told me tonight that she was certain she could help and he'd rather she feed him.... and the problem was likely that he'd like the bigger spoon....

And sadly, my little princess can fit better in the bumbo than her "little" brother...

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