I've been meaning to add these for awhile. Kids say the funniest things, and I know if I don't write them down now, I'm going to forget they were said. I've already done that with so many things Sailer has said.... so I'm going to try to start including when Sailer says something funny on here, so I don't lose those memories. These pregnancies have completely stolen chunks of my brain! Anyway, here's a few of my faves from the last week.

1) While feeding L today, she scolded him and said "bad Rincoln, no bite mommy!"
2) When I went to wake S up from a nap I had L in my handy dandy sling, and she popped up and said "Rinkin in mommy's shirt.... it's Sailer's turn!"
3) While shopping with my mom the other day, there were two statues. I kept hearing her talking, and once I realized the saleslady was cracking up, I turned around and S was talking to the statues saying "Watcha doing?" over and over... while she apparently played with the girl statue's boobies.
4) During that same shopping trip, she took a random birdcage up to the saleslady and said, "Minnie NEEDS this." What the heck??
5) When I put Sailer down I've been trying to teach her to say her prayers and last night she without prompting said "Night night baby Jesus." Ok- so that's not funny, but I thought it was the sweetest thing she'd said all day.


Mr. Lincoln is TWO MONTHS old today! I can't believe it. It seems just like yesterday I was begging for him to just come out. (= Here's what I know about him thus far:
1) He's such a sweet baby. He doesn't cry a whole lot and when he does, it's not one of those ear-deafening ones.
2) He is going to have the most lady killer smile on the planet. Those dimples melt my heart EVERY time I see them.
3) He apparently l-o-v-e-s his big sis. She completely tortures him in the name of "big hugs" and he never utters a cry about it. He just watches her with awe (or confusion? (= ).
4) You are a great sleeper throughout the day. And not such a great sleeper at night. This makes for a tired but loving mommy. You don't necessarily cry- you grunt! Over and over and louder and louder. You don't like to sleep by yourself and though I know it's horrible... I usually give in and put you in bed with me. With pillows around me and on my tummy to ensure I don't turn over accidentally... but who's kidding who, I don't really sleep with you! We've had several come-to-jesus talks about this, and yet, we've made little progress. This is the week! (=
5) You have the ability to burp as loud as any full grown man I know.
6) You eat as if it's your last meal constantly... which is good because you're already getting a little pudgy! There's something about baby fat rolls that are just the cutest!Poor thing has an infected eye so it looks terrible!

Another fun day at Dance... she looked more like a figure skater in that black leotard than a ballerina! HA HA!

The Hangover

Saw this tonight with the Mackies.... absolutely irreverent but hilarious! I loooooove Bradley Cooper!

28 June ~ Pretty little French girl

Sailer loves to suck people into her no man's land (aka her playroom), and her g-pa obliged her for a long time, so I grabbed a few cute pics of them playing.

Men hard at work...can't wait to see the final project!! Especially since I can play Sailer's movies in her room and not in the family room at all hours!

I thought Sailer's Mimi and Uncle Rhett were coming over so I put on her new little dress all the way from Provence (a sweet gift from her Mimi), but plans changed... I still took tons of pictures because I loved how sweet she looked in it. She's such a little doll! We had such a great time playing outside despite the heat. Arggghhh.

And my sweet little man just hanging out....Tried to get her to wear this vintage flower headband, but that only lasted... well, pretty much the time it took me to take this picture! Stubborn like her mama.

27 June ~ Grandpa's Visit

This weekend, Sailer's grandpa is here to visit and help build her an entertainment center for her playroom. They've been working so hard, but we've had great times playing as well.

Sailer taking over Lincoln's prime cartoon watching spot and relegating him to the floor. What a little brat! Although a cute one.
Love that smile of hers!
This afternoon I snuck away to Sherry's baby shower celebrating baby girl #4 (she who has yet to be named). It was nice little break from babies. (=
As I've said, Sailer has gotten into the habit of claiming anything that is Lincoln's. As we were leaving out fave mexican eatery, she just had to take a ride in L's carseat/stroller. What a mess!

I just LOVE these photos of Sailer and her "g-pa"... esp the third pic, could she be any more girlie?!?!

Mimi and her little man:
Who needs a "horsey" when you have a Camo!

It's always fun to "fly"...

26 June ~ "It's Sailer's Turn..."

This morning, my future little Olympic gymnast (hey, a mama can dream!) went to her third class. We amazingly got there early and had to wait in the viewing room. While we were waiting, Sailer proceeded to bang on the one-way glass and demanded "when's it Sailer's turn?!" (Hence the arms up questioningly.)

Today Sailer turned 2 years, 3 months today... man, it's flying by! She gets funnier every day with all kinds of new sayings. A few of my favorite ones are:
(1) In response to any question, she replies "suuuure."
(2) Everything is "MINE"! She can just hear a nearby child and have to tell everyone around her that everything is hers. My personal favorite is when anyone gets near me, she promptly tell them "it's my mommy!" Petty but it makes me smile a little. (=
(3) I hear constantly that "it's Sailer's turn." Usually this corresponds to trying to get into one of Lincoln's seats because she doesn't want him to get in them.
(4) And of course, I hear "just one more" about a gazillion times a day.
(5) Everything is "stinky" or "icky" or "yucky" or "shoooey".
(6) She's becoming super picky at mealtime, and when I put something in front of her to eat, she just looks at me and says "I don't like it."
(7) She'll just look at me randomly and say "mommy pwetty." This usually proceeds her asking me for either a popsickle or candy.
(8) I love how she always goes up to "Rincoln" and says "big hug" and then, tackles the poor little man.
(9) When she asks any question, she follows it up with "K"????
(10) During her Disney movies, there's always some dark part (what's up with that?)- anyway, she'll always run up to whoever is in the room and say "that's scaaary!"

25 June ~ My Two Waterbabies

Today I talked Sailer's nana into going with us to the pool... two babies and 1 mama does not make for a fun trip in the water. Sailer is a definitely water baby and just LOVED every second of getting to play both in the adult pool and the kids' pool. As I've said before, she is fearless, and that definitely translates into her swimming and jumping into the pool. You have to keep your eyes on her at all time because there's no telling what she'll try to do.

And of course, I had to document Lincoln's first time to the pool. Thanks to his Auntie Sherry he was super stylin' in his little swimsuit and sunglasses... and his surfboard playmat was a perfect place to nap!

Rythmic Gymnastics and Very Patient Daddys

Tonight was BEYOND comical. Sailer's friend, Hope, invited us to go to what we thought was going to be an international gymnastics exhibition. Well, it was.... SORT OF. It was an international group RYTHMIC gymnastics exhibition. Let's just say...very little tumbling and lots of props. The funniest part of the night is that Hope, Ella Claire and Sailer's daddys all were forced to attend, and their faces were enough entertainment to justify the $25 ticket price. What is sad is that two of the groups that performed were in the past Olympic games, which makes me think I missed my calling. I could've totally done that. Oh well, the girls had a wonderful time so that's all that matters.

24 June ~ Dancing Queen Cont.... and My Little Slugger

Today was Miss. S's second day of dance. She's going twice a week for the next four weeks for the summer portion, and then, will start again in August for the fall. She's so funny- I peeked in at one point as they were stretching and just found her playing with the "stickers" aka position markers. But when I went back a little bit later she was really into the tapping. Too funny! And then of course, they were very focused on warming up beforehand. Ha! I just love the pics of all of the girls at the bar...:

just a little girl talk:
clearly having fun!:
Clad in his little slugger outfit.... thought since he's been drug to all things girlie for the last few weeks, he deserved a nod to a little boy sport.
Alyssa brought the boys over for a SPEEDY playdate... the pic is of Miss. S and her buddy, Jack. These two were apparently big buds at school. Love the buzz, A! (=