28 June ~ Pretty little French girl

Sailer loves to suck people into her no man's land (aka her playroom), and her g-pa obliged her for a long time, so I grabbed a few cute pics of them playing.

Men hard at work...can't wait to see the final project!! Especially since I can play Sailer's movies in her room and not in the family room at all hours!

I thought Sailer's Mimi and Uncle Rhett were coming over so I put on her new little dress all the way from Provence (a sweet gift from her Mimi), but plans changed... I still took tons of pictures because I loved how sweet she looked in it. She's such a little doll! We had such a great time playing outside despite the heat. Arggghhh.

And my sweet little man just hanging out....Tried to get her to wear this vintage flower headband, but that only lasted... well, pretty much the time it took me to take this picture! Stubborn like her mama.

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