27 June ~ Grandpa's Visit

This weekend, Sailer's grandpa is here to visit and help build her an entertainment center for her playroom. They've been working so hard, but we've had great times playing as well.

Sailer taking over Lincoln's prime cartoon watching spot and relegating him to the floor. What a little brat! Although a cute one.
Love that smile of hers!
This afternoon I snuck away to Sherry's baby shower celebrating baby girl #4 (she who has yet to be named). It was nice little break from babies. (=
As I've said, Sailer has gotten into the habit of claiming anything that is Lincoln's. As we were leaving out fave mexican eatery, she just had to take a ride in L's carseat/stroller. What a mess!

I just LOVE these photos of Sailer and her "g-pa"... esp the third pic, could she be any more girlie?!?!

Mimi and her little man:
Who needs a "horsey" when you have a Camo!

It's always fun to "fly"...

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