26 June ~ "It's Sailer's Turn..."

This morning, my future little Olympic gymnast (hey, a mama can dream!) went to her third class. We amazingly got there early and had to wait in the viewing room. While we were waiting, Sailer proceeded to bang on the one-way glass and demanded "when's it Sailer's turn?!" (Hence the arms up questioningly.)

Today Sailer turned 2 years, 3 months today... man, it's flying by! She gets funnier every day with all kinds of new sayings. A few of my favorite ones are:
(1) In response to any question, she replies "suuuure."
(2) Everything is "MINE"! She can just hear a nearby child and have to tell everyone around her that everything is hers. My personal favorite is when anyone gets near me, she promptly tell them "it's my mommy!" Petty but it makes me smile a little. (=
(3) I hear constantly that "it's Sailer's turn." Usually this corresponds to trying to get into one of Lincoln's seats because she doesn't want him to get in them.
(4) And of course, I hear "just one more" about a gazillion times a day.
(5) Everything is "stinky" or "icky" or "yucky" or "shoooey".
(6) She's becoming super picky at mealtime, and when I put something in front of her to eat, she just looks at me and says "I don't like it."
(7) She'll just look at me randomly and say "mommy pwetty." This usually proceeds her asking me for either a popsickle or candy.
(8) I love how she always goes up to "Rincoln" and says "big hug" and then, tackles the poor little man.
(9) When she asks any question, she follows it up with "K"????
(10) During her Disney movies, there's always some dark part (what's up with that?)- anyway, she'll always run up to whoever is in the room and say "that's scaaary!"

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