25 June ~ My Two Waterbabies

Today I talked Sailer's nana into going with us to the pool... two babies and 1 mama does not make for a fun trip in the water. Sailer is a definitely water baby and just LOVED every second of getting to play both in the adult pool and the kids' pool. As I've said before, she is fearless, and that definitely translates into her swimming and jumping into the pool. You have to keep your eyes on her at all time because there's no telling what she'll try to do.

And of course, I had to document Lincoln's first time to the pool. Thanks to his Auntie Sherry he was super stylin' in his little swimsuit and sunglasses... and his surfboard playmat was a perfect place to nap!

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Sherry Mackie said...

I love that he got to try out his swim suit and glasses! He looks super cool in them! :p