24 June ~ Dancing Queen Cont.... and My Little Slugger

Today was Miss. S's second day of dance. She's going twice a week for the next four weeks for the summer portion, and then, will start again in August for the fall. She's so funny- I peeked in at one point as they were stretching and just found her playing with the "stickers" aka position markers. But when I went back a little bit later she was really into the tapping. Too funny! And then of course, they were very focused on warming up beforehand. Ha! I just love the pics of all of the girls at the bar...:

just a little girl talk:
clearly having fun!:
Clad in his little slugger outfit.... thought since he's been drug to all things girlie for the last few weeks, he deserved a nod to a little boy sport.
Alyssa brought the boys over for a SPEEDY playdate... the pic is of Miss. S and her buddy, Jack. These two were apparently big buds at school. Love the buzz, A! (=

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Lyss said...

speedy is right, they so wanted to stay too, who wouldn't? We had fun and hope to do it again. It was great seeing you guys!