Mr. Lincoln is TWO MONTHS old today! I can't believe it. It seems just like yesterday I was begging for him to just come out. (= Here's what I know about him thus far:
1) He's such a sweet baby. He doesn't cry a whole lot and when he does, it's not one of those ear-deafening ones.
2) He is going to have the most lady killer smile on the planet. Those dimples melt my heart EVERY time I see them.
3) He apparently l-o-v-e-s his big sis. She completely tortures him in the name of "big hugs" and he never utters a cry about it. He just watches her with awe (or confusion? (= ).
4) You are a great sleeper throughout the day. And not such a great sleeper at night. This makes for a tired but loving mommy. You don't necessarily cry- you grunt! Over and over and louder and louder. You don't like to sleep by yourself and though I know it's horrible... I usually give in and put you in bed with me. With pillows around me and on my tummy to ensure I don't turn over accidentally... but who's kidding who, I don't really sleep with you! We've had several come-to-jesus talks about this, and yet, we've made little progress. This is the week! (=
5) You have the ability to burp as loud as any full grown man I know.
6) You eat as if it's your last meal constantly... which is good because you're already getting a little pudgy! There's something about baby fat rolls that are just the cutest!Poor thing has an infected eye so it looks terrible!

Another fun day at Dance... she looked more like a figure skater in that black leotard than a ballerina! HA HA!


Melissa Darby said...

tara, he is soooo precious! the dimples are too much. he is really so precious. glad he is such a great baby too! you are lucky. looking forward to meeting him tomorrow night! good luck with bed bootcamp!

kinsey said...

he is SO cute!!!!!

Lyss said...

Awwww- Happy 2 months "Rincoln"- what fun times you are having! Love the dimples!!!