I've been meaning to add these for awhile. Kids say the funniest things, and I know if I don't write them down now, I'm going to forget they were said. I've already done that with so many things Sailer has said.... so I'm going to try to start including when Sailer says something funny on here, so I don't lose those memories. These pregnancies have completely stolen chunks of my brain! Anyway, here's a few of my faves from the last week.

1) While feeding L today, she scolded him and said "bad Rincoln, no bite mommy!"
2) When I went to wake S up from a nap I had L in my handy dandy sling, and she popped up and said "Rinkin in mommy's shirt.... it's Sailer's turn!"
3) While shopping with my mom the other day, there were two statues. I kept hearing her talking, and once I realized the saleslady was cracking up, I turned around and S was talking to the statues saying "Watcha doing?" over and over... while she apparently played with the girl statue's boobies.
4) During that same shopping trip, she took a random birdcage up to the saleslady and said, "Minnie NEEDS this." What the heck??
5) When I put Sailer down I've been trying to teach her to say her prayers and last night she without prompting said "Night night baby Jesus." Ok- so that's not funny, but I thought it was the sweetest thing she'd said all day.

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