Mickey & Minnie on Ice

I've been looking forward to today for awhile... Hope's mom and I got tickets for Mickey & Minnie on Ice a month ago b/c we just knew the girls would go absolutely crazy! And they did! I swear Jayla and I didn't plan the outfits, but I guess great minds think alike! (= We both dressed our girls like Minnie- Hope in the old school red & white, and Sailer in the new MMC pink & white. Aren't they adorable?? They were definitely the best dressed at the icecapades. We had front row, rinkside seats, which was awesome for a lot of reasons. We wanted to make sure they could see and understand what was going on, but also, they didn't have to stay in their seats... so they got to play the whole time! The girls went crazy when Mickey and his gang came out! Sailer didn't know a lot of the movies that they highlighted, except for Tinkerbell which she loved! Every time Mickey & Minnie would leave, the girls would go crazy and demand their return. All in all, they were too cute dancing and clapping to the music and show.


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

adorable outfits! so fun!

great posts, by the way! love all your pictures!!!

Jaime said...

Cute outfits!! We were there as well - wasn't it the best??!! I was beaming the whole time! Snow White(I mean Kaitlyn)continues to be concerned about Tinkerbell though :) hehe

Nicole said...

Hey, I was curious if you had Sailor early? And if so what week? I know i am due the day after you and I wasn't sure if you were planning on your little one coming any day now or closer to his due date! I'm just so glad I will be full term on Thurs - and then the waiting game begins :( -- I'm so ready!!!

Love your blog!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

So cute!

James and Shanna said...

I bet she had a wonderful time!!! I miss you guys already.. I can't wait to come visit again. No baby yet??