A Total "Crap" Day

Well, I'm going to give you just a glimpse of my day today.
Wow- do I love being a mom, but today, let's just say that I'm so glad she's cute!

It started out this morning- it was raining cats and dogs.
Poor Sailer just stared out the back door longingly at her frog pool.
Such a sad way to start out a day.
And let me tell you, the weather and the inability to go outside did not enhance my little princess' mood.
[I do love this photo though.]

When the rain finally subsided, we made a trip to Target.
In less than 5 seconds she had shanghaied the blueberry muffins from the cart and stuffed them in her mouth and smeared them on her head and face. [Side note- a cute grandma saw her from behind and said "oh, she's so cute in her dress and bow" and then, Sailer slowly turned around.... and the lady replied "looks can be deceiving." She has NO IDEA.]

Then, we had taken the cover off her car seat to wash it, so we were driving with just the base of the seat.
As I was driving, I look back only to find her tearing the foam from the bottom of her seat.
As I said, "no!!"- she simply looked at me and grabbed the largest piece of the foam and RIIIPPPPP.
And of course, slowly and knowingly smiled at me.

Then, we have lunch time.
Baby LUVS spagetti-o's. Especially when she gets the opportunity to feed herself.
Needless to say, she needed a bath in a bad way.
This brings me to the highlight of my day.
The bath.

Well, as I said in a previous post, our new special time is to take bubble baths together.
So we get in. We're playing. She's laughing. She gets ever so still.
And then smiles large as life and laughs at me.
I look down and she has POOPED in the water. I'm not talking Caddyshack turd, but straight diarrhea.
I grabbed her and jumped out just in the nick of time.

We closed out our day with the longest 30 minutes of my week these days... the dreaded swimming lessons.
Last week she cried the ENTIRE time.
I am pleased to say that today she actually made most of the lesson without a supreme diva meltdown.
The photo isn't great as I took it with my phone as we were waiting for the lesson to start.
But I had to take a photo of the suit because it's so stinking cute.
And heavy!! The tutu has to be at least 5 lbs. Oh well, fashion is brutal sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Ha Ha!! BEEN THERE DONE THAT TOO!!!

She is super duper cute though!

Leah said...

That first pic is adorable!

I have a question about where you get some of the headbands I've seen on your little girl. The wide ones with the flower on top. Really like the black and white one with that pink flower. Did you make those are can you buy them somewhere?

Mary_Yontz said...

OK....Totally LOVE the picture of her looking out the door window...very cool! I bet today will be a better day because it basically has to be better! hahaha Hang in there girl! If all our days were good, we would never know they were good. Love ya and she is super cute!

ricanlaw said...

Oh my......! ;)