Sailer Recap

I have been without a computer for over a week, and I've just been DYING without it! So here are a few recaps...

11 June ~ My Beautiful Disaster

Our newest thing to do together is to take bubbles baths!! There such a fun time for us, except for when it's time to get out b/c Sailer isn't a big fan!

12 June ~ For the love of necklaces...
Sailer has such an obsession with all things girly! Her newest thing is getting into my jewelry esp the necklaces. She still hasn't grasped the concept of just one.

Later in the day, Sailer went to one of her pals' birthday party... the theme was cowboys and indians... isn't my little cowgirl such a cutie pie?!?!?

June 14 ~ Family Matters
Saturday my mom threw a wonderfully sweet birthday party for my grandmother and her three sisters. They're so hilarious together, and you could tell that they absolutely cherished the time together. To make it an even more special day, Jessi, the eldest sister made a quilt for Sailer that was just perfect! It was hand-stitched with butterflies and Sailer loved it! She tried to drag it around with her even though it was so much bigger than her.

15 June ~ Happy Father's Day
Today was such a lazy but fun day.... lots of golf, great steaks, and lots of daddy-daughter play!

16 June ~ Frogs Out of Water
I bought this precious little frog pool for Sailer, and of my gosh, she loves it!! In fact, last night I had to open the back door to air out the kitchen and she ran out and jumped in it with all of her clothes on! These are a few shots from her first day in it.

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