4 June ~ Just a normal morning in Sailer's world

Anyone who knows me or see Sailer knows I have a "small" problem with bebe clothes and accessories....namely, that I feel she needs them all and lots of them! One of her favorite things to do is go to her closet and just start pulling all her shoes out, but today, she got into her hat basket and started putting them on her and me (which is ironic b/c she usually cries when I bring a hat out!)

And the next 2 pics are of Sailer at breakfast this morning... I'm trying to get her to feed herself, and she's gotten better. But this morning apparently waiting for the spoon was just too much time and trouble, so she just decided to scoop it out with her hands and lick it clean. A fun clean up job for mommy...

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Susan said...

How adorable. She is beautiful even when she's a mess!