26 March ~ One Year and Counting

I simply cannot believe my sweet baby turned ONE today.... where has this year gone? To think this time last year, I was at the hospital just praying she'd come as soon as possible. It's amazing how much your life can change in a mere 365 days.

Sailer's big day was fun-filled (minus fighting a small allergic reaction to strawberries... hence the poor little bumps around her mouth)! When she woke up, we made our first trip to the donut shop in our pjs. She had 1 1/2 all by herself (and no, she did not nap today due to the sugar high). Then, we had a picnic for lunch at the park so she could swing and play in the sand. Came home and played out in the front yard with our bubbles and cheetos (she ate both). And then, went to our fave mexican restaurant, Frescas,to have Sailer's favorite... guacamole! Finally, she ended her day with homemade cupcakes from her Nana. Now, we're just waiting for her party to arrive to celebrate the big day some more!!!

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