20 July ~ Birthday Day

 We started our day out at the Taco Stand to celebrate Auntie Leah's birthday with some of the crew.  This was a DISASTER waiting to happen with all these babes in one booth.  Nothing a little margarita at noon couldn't fix!
 Next, I dropped Sailer off at Nature Camp and flew to take Sable to her 2 month dr's appointment.
She was 10 lbs and 2 ounces (30%) and 22 1/4 inches long (80%!)  So far she's skinny like Sailer and long like Linc (actually she's way longer than Linc was).  Who would've guessed?!?!
 Apparently, she didn't know what was coming... too bad I did.  Shots!  I was already tearing up.  I swear that's the worse thing to endure because you know it's awful but good for them.
 Finally meeting Dr. Hunt who just had a baby girl too.  They will likely be friends as they grow.
 After I picked Sailer up from school, it was time to celebrate Kim's birthday with a girl's night out!

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