18 Oct ~ Gone Fishing

Today Sailer's nana and papa invited Sailer to come to a family fishing day at their church. She LOVED that she got to break out her uuber fun pink fishing pole again. HOWEVER, her favorite part BY FAR were the minnows! She loves to play with the minnows....sneaking kisses (I know....ewwww) whenever she could.
Sneaking a kiss...

Fishing with daddy.... aren't they so cute!?!?
Picnic time...
And Sailer "caught" TWO big fish that day... here she's reeling it in with her papa.

And fish #2...
My hunky fisherman!
Checking out the other bait.... and so not as fun!
My stud little fisherman clad in his little overalls.

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aLena said...

Luv the pics... so cute!

Looks like SaiLer had tons of fun fishing ... maybe she won't be a girly girl after all lol