Rockin' out with Uncle Randall

Lest I forget Sailer rockin' out with the boys.... "Uncle Randall" as Sailer likes to call him came over after a golf tournament... she ADORES him! I guess it would be hard not to when a sweet man carries you around, sits at the "little table" for dinner with you, sings to you, etc. Randall is in a real live band and has taught Sailer to sing "I've got the bluuuuuues." It's way beyond cute. Anwho, this is the band together.

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Shannon Family said...

I love this outfit!!
Where did you get it so cute and monogrammed??? I LOVE IT:)
I hope you are doing well. I thought about you when I went to the frog and frills sale in Plano. I didn't make it to the grapevine one this year.
Your kids are precious.
Heather Parkey Shannon