13 February ~ Denim Day

The funny thing about this post is that I don't believe in little baby girls and denim.  Sound weird?  Well, when I found out I was pregnant, my sweet grandmother, Mur, was so excited.  During one of our conversations about the coming princess, she said, "just please don't dress her in denim.  No little baby girl needs to wear denim when there are such pretty outfits out there to buy instead."  Well, it stuck with me...and I have not put a pair of jeans on my little girl since!  Until today, that is.  I thought the heart embellishment girlied them up enough.  I tell you what though- I don't plan on putting any jeans back on her for awhile!  Good lord, they're hard to get on and off for diaper changes.  They are definitely NOT worth the trouble.  I don't know what I'm going to do if I have a little boy.  I know denim is sort of a staple.  

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