18 July ~ Fun in the Sun

Today I took Miss. Priss to NRH20 for the morning.... we'd never been so I thought it was worth a shot. I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn't too crowded or hot, and they had a great pool and toy area for Sailer's age. She LOVED it!!! It was actually kind of relaxing for me for a change because I just sat for awhile and watched as she ran from sprinkler to sprinkler and giggled. She did a few slides, and was scared at first but then, started running for them.

The funniest thing was her playing with her sunhat. It stayed on for all of 30 seconds before she discovered she could throw it down and it would float following the current. That was about 20 minutes worth of fun just chasing it and throwing it back down in the water. Anyway, it was such a good time for both of us. And really, really, really reminds me that I want a pool soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! And her little outfit ROCKs As usual!