The title sums up the past few weeks for me. Some of you know that we have had a complete roller coaster ride with selling our house, at one point building a house, trying to buy a new house, you name it, it's happened and then some. Well, I really have prayed so much for Him to show us where He wanted us to be and to have faith that His timing is perfect (this wasn't always easy as it seemed that it was never going to happen.) Why do I ever question Him???

First of all, we sold our house completely out of the blue? The inspection went flawlessly. Etc. And did I mention that as part of the deal we had THREE weeks to be out? Yeah, fun times.

Now pure excitement... we went over to the house we'd been looking at for sometime (praying it wouldn't sell so we could get it) with the intention of making an offer on it...and upon entrance, found that the builders had had an entirely different view of finish out than we did. I felt a little crushed. And back to square one.

So we had our realtor do a search for all of the available properties, even though I felt like we knew ever inch of available real estate in this area. Thank goodness I was wrong!!!! We discovered our dream house. Pure and simple. So when I say God is so good... that is the understatement of the year. He blessed us with so much more than we ever thought possible. It has every single thing we wanted, was different than the rest of the million homes we viewed (they all start to look the same), and guess what, it will be move in ready.... wait for it, the day we need to move in. I couldn't be more excited about this house and all of the fun projects coming my way! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE house projects.... and believe me, with this house, I'm going to have years of house projects I think. CANNOT WAIT.

Here's a few snapshots. Obviously needs clean up, landscaping, fence, etc.... but that is to come soon. (=

the front:

the entryway:

our bathroom!!:

and where Mark plans to sleep...in the garage:


Melissa Darby said...

AMAZING! Congrats and we can't wait to come and see it. WOW!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Oh my freakin word Tara! Your new home is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Good for you - congratulations!


Charleen said...

beautiful...where's the scrap room? :)