5 Sept ~ Day 2 in Paradise

So Day 2 begins...at 11am!!! I can't even tell you how awesome it was to just turn off the alarm clocks (or not have a monitor) for the morning. So here is Mark getting in a little work before we headed off... I'm sure he wishes this were current working conditions every day.Next we headed to the Palms for lunch, and it is rather funny that we took a picture of it, but they made (table-side) the best tea I've ever had in my life!!
After lunch, we headed out to layout and relax. These pics were by the pool (forgive the blur... there was apparently something on the lens.)

But finally settled right there on the ocean under our little hut for two. Doesn't Mark look like a postcard chilling out? Now this is THE way to relax by the ocean.

Can we say THANK the good Lord for Target having whatever style these swimsuits are this season. I bought several overpriced what I lovingly call "fat suits" for the trip from Just Add Water, and I think this $19.99 little thing was my fave. It covered like a one piece without making me feel like a grandma. Because let me tell you whoever created the tankini needs to be shot. Those things make me look like an oopma loompa. Still a far cry from pre-baby, but who's countin'?!?! (=After a few hours of swimming in the ocean, reading, napping, etc... Mark and I set out to go shop in town. Can I please tell you how shocked I was at their mall?!?!? It was like designer central. I wish we had something to compare to it here... the closest thing I can think of is an outside Northpark. I was in HEAVEN!
That evening we headed out to one of the local steakhouses for dinner. If you're wondering why Mark looks like he's flexing his arm is that he was showing off his new buy... he splurged and bought a new watch while we were shopping... I think it makes him feel young and hip. LOL.
And yes, we made it back to the good ole casino, where I told Mark to kiss the chips for luck and this was his response. Classy.

This is the night that Mark and I went swimming in the ocean in our clothes!!! I have a white shirt on as you can see, so it was an interesting walk of shame back to our room Luckily, we didn't run into anyone!

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Hilary said...

your pics are great!! and you look amazing as always!! i know the heartbreak of leaving your baby but i also know it's always worth it for alone time with the hubby. glad you had fun!!