Simply Summer

This is pretty much the sight I see all the time... this little tank desperately hanging on to those cute little toes. Today Sailer was standing beside me and pointed at Lincoln while he was doing this and said, "tunder ties." Translation: thunder thighs. Oh my.... that may be my fault. (=After our morning of pampering and naptime, Sailer went outside and pushed her little brother for a long time in the swing. He just giggled and stared in adoration at her. I'm pretty sure he's her biggest fan.

Doesn't she look so sweet? (What you wouldn't know is that about a second prior to this angelic photo, she was taking those sticks and chunking them at me.)
This pic just makes me smile because it simply screams "SUMMER!" Half clothed, hair askew, popsicle dripping down all over the tummy. Simple but the best.
And then, this photo that screams, "TROUBLE with a capital T!"


Abigail said...

Cute pictures.

Looks like she had fun all day.

You should feature these cute pictures on the the bizymoms Carrollton community

The Brewers said...

I love all the pics!! You take and have the greatest pictures taken of them!!! I too wish we lived closer! B and Sailer would be holy terrors together!!!!