2 Sept ~ Pampered like princesses

This morning I woke Sailer up early, so we could go to her brand new school and meet her teachers, check out her new class, etc. She was highly impressed with the new playground. (=

Since the school was literally completed the week before (it's a brand new campus), the teachers were crazily getting decorations up, so the room was still pretty plain but cute nonetheless.

WELL.... did I have a surprise for my little one! We dropped Linc off at the Nana's house so that Sailer and I (along with some of her gal pals) could have a day of pampering, princess-style, to get ready for their first days of school. Though some will think this is completely ridiculous and just setting our little ones up to be divas.... well, it was ridiculous but ridiculously cute! And as for the diva thing... that is likely unavoidable for any little girly girl. SO what the heck!?? We had made appointments for Hope, Ella Claire, and Sailer to have mini manis and pedis done, and I am here to tell you. It was one of the cutest and most hilarious things I've ever witnessed. First, as you can see, there was a tremendous amount of prancing about...
Look out world.
And then, just like big girls, they got to choose their polish color (from a limited mommy-approved color pile). Sailer chose pink which completely shocked me since the child demands everything to be purple.
Then, came the feet soaking, which as you can imagine, was more kicking and splashing than anything.

Don't they just look so fancy??
Then, the kiddie foot scrub and lotion, complete with glittered stars and hearts for their legs.
This, however, was arguably the highlight of the day... the unlimited stash of free suckers.
Checking out the polish job...
The final result... the little flower looked a little worse for the wear at this point since she thought it was more fun to keep curling her toes.

Next, were the manis...

And the uuber cool glitter tattoes
And finally, the mecca of all dress up closets. These sweet little girls had the time of their lives just running through the clothes, hiding amongst them, and then, running to the next closet. Then, they'd take a turn on the catwalk only to run back to hide in the costumes.

This pics just makes me laugh out loud because they're intently watching THEMSELVES on the television screen.
A little ring around the rosies amongst girlfriends...
...and they all fell down.
Saying bye.


Jenny said...

OMG!! That is precious!! I cannot wait to do that with Bella:)

I have your bows done but what kind of clippy do you want? And i added some marabou to a couple because they needed to have more ooph and I knew S could handle it:)

Melissa Darby said...

NU UH!! I am cracking up!