14 Jan ~ Lovin' the outside

Sailer is a HUGE fan of being outside and gets really frustrated when I tell her it's just way too cold to go out there. ESPECIALLY when she knows there are slides and swings out there. Luckily, the last few days have been bearable, so we've braved it together. As you can tell, she loves the slide the most... the ladder getting to the platform is still just a tad bit too tall for her, so I have to lift her up over and over. Man, will I be glad when she can get up there herself. Unfortunately, she got really moving one time and kind of bit it, busting her little lip open.... you'd think that would slow her down. Nope.... she just kept on playing like nothing had even happened. Until I saw the blood and freaked out. She's clearly tougher than me. Anyway, here are just random shots I took of her playing. My favorite one is the one of her playing peak-a-boo around the pole. Why does that game never get old?


Jayla Mcdermott said...

I love the hat, only in Texas can we get away with bows and flowers bigger then our little girls heads.

Lyss said...

great shots! she is such a cutie pie! jack has his eyes on her!