13 Jan ~ Just some randoms

Today I worked my little tush off... almost finished painting baby boy's room, and I've been sketching pillows I want made (nerdy but I love it!) Oh, and laundry, lots and lots of laundry. Man, I hate laundry. But I always feel like I need to get things in order for the cleaning ladies' arrival on Wednesdays, so they don't think I'm a complete domestic loser. Though I sort of am. Oh well, we all have our weaknesses, don't we? Anyway, just snapped these two pics of Sailer when we got home from school today. She's starting to actually look at the camera again. For awhile there, she avoided me and my annoying lens like the plague.

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Jennie said...

I do the exact same thing - significantly pick up before the cleaning crew comes on Wednesday! Roger doesn't get it, but I am of the opinion that they do a better cleaning job if they aren't picking up as they go.