Dinner with the Stems

Tonight Sailer's nana and papa had us over along with another couple, the Stems, who just moved down here from Ark. The last time I saw Jordan (the mama) was at my baby shower and she too was pregnant and expecting the same month I was. So it was super fun to see how her kids have grown and let them play together. Sailer is definitely on the low side of the learning curve when it comes to sharing with her toys. Apparently, she's so good at school, so the only thing I can surmise is that it's just a battle when she knows they belong to her. SOOOO it's really good for her to have kids to play amongst her things to get a taste of her incoming future. The little girl, Emma, was so sweet with S, and they kept making necklaces for each other. Such girls. And then, there was Ethan would loved all of Sailer's Handy Manny paraphenalia. They kept busy until almost 10 when we drug Sailer begrudgingly away.

The other big hit of the night was Sailer's Uncle Matt's new toy airplane.

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