20 Jan ~ On this Day....

Well, anyone who knows me or reads this blog can probably easily surmise my thoughts on today's historic events....speechless.

After dropping Sailer off at MDO, I went to my little nail salon. I know the owners pretty well now, so I called yesterday and made an appt to get a mani/pedi AND be set right next to the TV where they just had to play the inauguration with sound so I could watch it while I was being pampered (usually they don't). I was in absolute heaven!!!

Because I've already outlined why I LOVE President Obama several times, I won't bore you with the repetition. I'll say something so much more profound.... didn't you just ADORE Michelle's outfit? And I want those green leather gloves. She's just picturesque and so classy.... it's going to be so fun to watch what she wears to events (I can appreciate the immaterial parts of life too). I especially can't wait to see what she wears tonight to the Neighborhood Ball! Speaking of, I think it is beyond cool that they invited so many everyday Joe's to attend the ball and set them up in the hotels for free.... because really that's what it's all about! About the everyday citizens who elect such officials. But never before have they had the opportunity to participate and experience the celebratory part....the beginning of a change they helped create. It's a true testament to the direction this administration is headed toward (and I can't wait!!)

With that said, I say farewell to President Bush. I wasn't always his greatest fan, but I will say, he faced difficult decisions I wouldn't wish upon my greatest enemy to have to make. He has selflessly served this nation for the past 8 years and deserves our deepest thanks. I sincerely wish him the best in the future and pray he gets some really long naps soon (he definitely deserves it).

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