16 Jan ~ Playing Catch

Tonight we just had a family night in (JUST US) for once...it seems like we always have people over or are going somewhere, so it was really nice just to BE. Snapped a few shots of Sailer playing catch with Camo. As you can see, she loves the throwing part, the Camo running to chase it part, but not so much, the part where Camo doesn't want to give it immediately back.So I've been dying to put this little outfit on Sailer since we got back from Colorado. There's this little store I found last year called Magical Scraps... you go in and pick out different fabrics and they'll custom make outfits for you! Love it!! Anyway, they're soft and comfortable and super stinkin' cute. Oh and the leg warmers- I'm actually not that big a fan of the baby legs thingies, but since it's been so cold, I just had to put them on her to protect those little sweet legs.

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