23 Jan ~ Girls On the Run...

Today was such a great but packed day...I didn't start out the day with that intention, but it seemed like everything just fell into place perfectly.

First (and the one not fun part of the day), I had my glucose test for gestational diabetes done... can you say, gag me?? Anyway, at least it's over. The bad thing is that they checked my BP today too, and it's scary high. Great... so I'm supposed to take it easy until they check it again on Tues. So, you know me, the whole stay-in-bed thing just doesn't quite work for me. And seriously, with a 2 year old, how could you? Anyway, I knew I was stressed out about a few things on Friday, so I'm honestly not all that worried about it.

Then, Sailer and I met up with Hope and her mama at McD's for a little quick lunch and playtime before we headed to McKinney. This was truly the highlight of my day (and I'm so sad to say I have no pics), but Sailer and I went to see some of my old gal pals from college that I never get to see anymore! When we got there, I got a full dose of what Sailer's going to be in a few short years... silly fun girls, half-clothed, half-princessed-out, and having a ball! They were too cute! I can't wait for princess-dress-up-days with Sailer! Anyway, the mamas and my little tornado just sat and got to catch up a little bit (and I even got to meet a handsome new little man, Carson...seriously, I could've stolen him and not even looked back...sorry, Mel). I hadn't realized how much I'd missed both of them, so it was an awesome afternoon.

Next, Sailer and I high-tailed it home (I hate Dallas traffic) just in time for the Mackies to come over for burgers and game night. Again, no pics... what is my problem??

I did snap these this morning of Sailer playing with her stickers and dancin' on the table!


Melissa Darby said...

We had so much fun too! You really don't need to steal mine since you are about to have your own baby boy SO soon. YAY! It was great to see you both and I hope we can play again sooner than later. Started book 4 last night--ahh!

Jaime said...

It was so much fun Tara!! We will definitely have to play again soon!! Thanks again for driving to Oklahoma :) hehe