My BIG boy!!

Today Mark and I went in for our 4D Sonogram of Baby Boy (no, he still doesn't have a name and it's KILLING ME). Anyway, at first the sono tech said "oh, you're so small, are you sure you're really that far a long?" Ummm, yeah lady... I'm pretty sure. Anyway, as she starts to get revved up looking at Baby James, she says, "oh well, I take that back... he's a BIG boy." What?!?! That's just what every prego woman soon to deliver wants to hear. His images resembled Sailer's a lot, but his sweet face and tummy are super filled out whereas hers were not. So if once wasn't enough, the sono tech continued to talk about how big he was already and likely going to be at delivery. At this point, I just turned to Mark and said, "I hate you." Aren't I precious? Well, the story is that I've been petrified since we found out it was a boy about him being really big at delivery... since his daddy was close to a 10 pounder when he was born. And what's funny is that I'm not really scared of the weight per se (don't get me wrong, I'm not dying to birth a small toddler), but I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to be induced. And that's what the doctor insinuated would happen if he got too big at the end. I've had so many friends who have had wonderful experiences with inducements, and it's not like I'll be devastated or anything should this be required, but it's just not my first choice or preference. One b/c I LOVED actually going into labor when Sailer was ready... it was so exciting/frustrating/etc. just waiting on her to make her appearance. At the time, the ticking time bomb that I was didn't seem all that fun, but looking back I loved it. Second, the whole increased risk of C-section is enough to scare me too! But with all that being said, I honestly don't care how he gets here, as long as he gets here safely and healthily!

So without further adieu... here are a few of the images. And, if you're like me, I believe the 4d sono pics are pics only a mama/daddy or grandparent can love because I'm not gonna lie, I look at others and think "now that just doesn't look normal..." But I think he's perfect and positively handsome. He kept his hand in front of his face the majority of the time, so it was hard getting any good shots. He did smile at us, open his eyes, yawn, and grab his foot and tried to eat his toes while we were watching, which was very cool.


Lyss said...

yeahhhhhhhh- um he looks like Sailer! He just made me yawn, man am I tired.

Tamara said...

Tara, these are SO amazing..I wish I could have experienced a 4D with mine...btw..I was induced with all three of mine..they were all 9 pounders (with the exception of Grace, her birth was induced 2 whole weeks early and she weighed in at a "petite" 8lbs 15oz..ha!!) Believe me, it goes really well most of the time and there is something nice about being prepared and knowing the day. You really want to avoid a 10 pound baby if you can!! ((hugs))

Kristin said...

Hey Tara,
Fun to hear from you :)! Love your sweet blog. Sailer is PRECIOUS & Congrats on #2!!

Jaime said...

ahhh so sweet!! What a cutie he will be!