31 Jan ~ Domestic goddess in training

Due to the state of emergency at my house on Saturday, Sailer's Mimi came over to lend a hand. As I posted earlier, we decided to throw a last minute Superbowl Party at our house (more specifically, Mark decided to throw a last minute Superbowl Party at our house given that I didn't even know there was a game being played)....details.... anyway, it just happened to coincide with my idiotic decision to tackle painting and fauxing our entire family room and three hallways. So I thought this was doable. Then, unexpectedly the cover for my ottoman and roman shades for the family room were done ahead of schedule and given that they were a different color scheme than the decor currently in the room...I decided I HAD to sew the curtains for the family room and redecorate to match the new goodies. CRAZY LADY! Let's just say, the nesting stage has hit early at the James house. No seriously, I stay up to all hours of the night just doing random things that NEED to be done. Anyway, to make a short story longer.... my mom came over and started the curtains for me (hallelujah) while I painted, and then, I got up the next morning to finish them. They're currently hung and un-lined/un-hemmed but only I knew that at the party. (=

All this random post was to say really that I just had to snap these shots of Mimi teaching Sailer how to sew... isn't it crazy my mom sews on an antique sewing machine. Now that's talent! Anyway, it just cracks me up b/c my Mur begged and begged to teach me growing up how to cook and sew but I wanted no part in it....which is hilarious since I now love to sew but I was young and BRILLIANT back then. (= I REALLY hope Sailer loves "projects" when she gets big! It's definitely in her genes.

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Carmen said...

Can she teach me too while she is at it and wow on that sewing machine it was the first thing that jumped out at me from the photo. That is amazing!