21 January ~ Cowgirl Up

Today, three cowgirls went to the Stockshow!  It's a time honored tradition for all Fort Worth kids....and ever so for me.  I grew up going to see the animals with my sweet grandpa, Pom.  I have vivid memories from when I was young, standing and watching the baby chicks go round and round the mini ferris wheel.  Well, the tides have turned, and it's now a new grandparent in line with a new grandchild to wow with the barnyard animals.  Sailer had such a great time...to my surprise, her favorite was the big cow! Her only fit was at the petting zoo, when she wanted to eat the feed instead of sharing it with the animals.  It was hilarious!  I guess they do resemble her snacks.

Today, Sailer and I had a brief 10 seconds of fame.  Not my most eloquent moment. http://video.nbc5i.com/player/?id=207561

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